tuesday 04/01/2011

Im looking for Thaumaturge Cr.
I will trade:
Aurora, Caelus, Dregn, Noodile Cr + 8k in cards worth over 1k NO DOUBLES.
Please PM me.
Feel free to comment if you have a reference.
I have references for good commerce such as McJediknight, Valyina, and others.
Please comment only if you have alternative offers for another Cr.
ALL OFFERS WILL BE CONSIDERED and Replied too (eventually)

monday 03/01/2011

I offer 4 Hermans for all of them

John, this guy asked for 10 Hermans when he was 4k for a Caelus smiley

I want to buy a stricker for 8k. if you have one and are willing to sell for that price just put it in my private sales.

worth a try though...

Tessa 0xp can be seen as the cheapest card from time to time when the price goes over 300k
I had a 0xp once and it took a lot of effort to get a full xp to play with..
on the other hand, you're absolutely right when you say "yeah sure" to me

I honestly wish you good luck smiley

Your offer is 171K, but Tessa Cr costs 300+Ksmiley
Good Luck, you need it!smiley

Mods, this isnt my thread but please close or delete it, its been finished for like a week or more smiley

K mean 000
28 means 28
28k means 28000 smiley

I think no one will sell..I have 2 Gills, i bought one and get another from lottery...I was interested to sell.. But your bad luck i have no starts..smiley

How bout all the listed cards + 57K (Melvin = 7K)

Hey! i need fuzz smiley

i want to pay for him 2100 clintz =)

able to negotiations!

ty mod!

smileyits under market price now coz i raised his price buying 136 of him

Close the thread, thanks mods

Naw I was just upset cause he got mad that I wouldn't take his 6 hermans.
For a Caelus. As for Caelus he is the king of Skeelz. Staple DM or Survivor in a half skeelz deck. You ever use him with Kolos and Dregn AND AMBER and Nistarok and Dudley and Dieter? Lets just say........EXTERMINATE!!!!!
Truth is Caelus is Banned for a reason.
The new Montana card will be too.

Uhhh ur off by about 55K there buddy...


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