saturday 01/01/2011

Hey, I am looking to buy a Marlysa cr for cards and clintz. We can negotiate if you PM me. I have 3 kerozinn cr, splata cr, Vickie cr, Tanaereva cr, Jackie cr and around 100k to spend so PM if you're interested.

Thanks Mods =)

Anyone interested? price is negotiable. please sent me a message.

thanks mod

How many GILS for your Kerozinn Cr

Azgroth for 5000 clintz...

I would appreciate if anyone could sell it to me at 13k clintz.
Please PM me,

0exp cr are worth more then full exp crs

[BUY] + title
Write the name of the card you want to buy.
Tell the price you want to buy it : only with clintz, it’s not an exchange.

Title says it all. looking for a dregn or a dagg for my kolos plus the difference in clintz. i value kolos at 42k. please respond here.

Hi, I'm interested in ur Kolos, I can offer several Skeelz 0xp. PM me smiley

I am looking to trade my full Ongh for any combination of the following Sentinels: Coby Owen Copper Rick Havok William (0XP) Chloe Tobbie and Hawk I will attempt to make up any difference in clintz if possible
Thanks modssmiley

Wanna trade ur Fabio with my Nahema and Mawpin??

Wanna trade ur Fabio with my Nahema and Mawpin??

Hi i got 8 c beast and 8 herman, im willing to trade them for....

1)Qubik and 44k of cards/clintz
2)44k for all of them as 1 piece
3)40k for the c beast
4)30k for the Herman.

thanks mods

I have Azgroth 1*...i wanna trade it with ur montana card that equal

friday 31/12/2010

Hey, I'm looking for a Tessa Cr and giving in exchange a Kolos, a Jackie Cr and 73,000 clintz, anyone interested? pm please

Im have kolos no jackie and no 73,000clintz

I all Urban Rivals, 2011 is the new year so i won´t to buy a new card. I am interested in Marlysa Cr, i offer:

Kerozinn Cr + Jackie Cr+ Tanaereva Cr+ Nahi Cr+ Alec Cr+ Kreen Cr+ Smokey Cr+Vickie Cr. I trade all this cards for Marlysa Cr. Interested?

Still looking to buy one

I would like to exchange my Sigmund Cr 0xp for :

Tanaereva Cr + Nahi Cr + Jim Cr + 70k (preferably 0xp if possible)

pm me or post here if you are interested.

Thanks Mods for Posting as Always smiley

and a big Happy New Year to everyone in the UR community smiley

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