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saturday 07/05/2011

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[RECR] + Title
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Pro's at Deathmatch.

Requirements : 25+
Must have 400k+ net worth, this team is a lot better than it looks, trust me smiley

Add me and PM Me if you have any questions.

If u want just that join The Uk Magic Rockers

We are a family that strives to be the best, we pride our selfs on deck building and sportsmanship. To join our guild you have to be lvl 25 and higher . our main goul is to be active and grow to be the best UR has ever seen so if you want to be a part of the future then join NEW AGE OUTLAWS also were active in the guild message boards and guild chatroom

friday 06/05/2011

Guild:1298005 is recruiting!!!!
Come Apply!!!!

Our requirements are as follows:
- Level 15 and above
- Active
- Preferably able to speak english

If you sastisfy the requirements, THEN COME JOIN THIS GUILD!!!!! guild:1298005

As far as I can see , TCA sure is an awesome guild
I want to join you guyssmiley

Prbabally? xD Nah. Needs Lvl.
Cocky Warriors.... I'll think bout it

thursday 05/05/2011

Wow! there are many guild recruiting out there after all smiley. currently im visiting FCC. id like to visit some other guilds before i make i decision. if its ok to visit your guild please let me know. i will be with a guild for 4-5 days if thats ok. and thank you all for posting. no offense the any guild at all, however, i have considered being a part of TCA, and OC as well as 3D becuz i have heard great things about these guilds. once again thanks for the offers guys and keep um comin please smiley

We got room for ya over here at Cocky Warriors...


Here's the RECR thread of Time Conquers All

We are VERY active, FUN, and have much to offer (in terms of guild programs, events, & colorful topics) compared to most guilds smiley A LOT of info is shown about us in the link above... I believe you'll learn enough about us there to gauge if a visit is worth your time or not smiley Either way, I hope you find your home-guild, even if it's not us smiley



wednesday 04/05/2011

Read and follow:

I'm trying to apply for some guilds, I'm really just a collector, but i CAN battle. just looking for a good guild with nice peeps, and good benefits... let me know what up.

Wrong Place to post this, my friend
But, If anything... If you mean How to Characters in your deck

You Must View your collection and simply "add to deck" whatever card you wish to add
If you require more answers, I think a Mod would better explain, or go check the FAQs

I'll go ahead and make the initiative
Please Refer to

On how to make a recruitment thread, properly


This guild makes me want to yell CAPTAIN PLANET!

Quick Way!
Spend money on this forsaken game.

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