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thursday 07/04/2011

It's hard for Vads to read because Dalek Star Lw didn't use pronouns.

It would be an easier read for me were you to write sentences like "he sent a message."

Keep writing, that's key to improving.

Hi all. New guild guild:1311884 is recruiting english speaking people. Any level people will be allowed to join! Currently we're just playing for fun but I'm sure we'll do some events when there will be more people in the guild. smiley

To create a quick link to your guild:
step 1 Copy link address:
step 2: Retain guild=1312264, remove the rest
step 3: Replace the equal sign with a colon (no spaces in between)
step 4: The final product: guild:1312264

I saved Artemis the trouble of teaching you the basics to link making. smiley

Alright, thanks.

wednesday 06/04/2011

I'm new,and I got no idea how this game is played.Need serious help!!!!!

Great guild!


We are a family that strives to be the best, we pride our selfs on deck building and sportsmanship. To join our guild you have to be lvl 25 and higher . our main goul is to be active and grow to be the best UR has ever seen so if you want to be a part of the future then join NEW AGE OUTLAWS .........IF YOU WERE A REPO MAN THEN YOU CAN JOIN AT ANY LVL also ONLY ACCEPTING 40 MEMBERS

WELL THE REPO MEN started a new and better guild called NEW AGE OUTLAWS

tuesday 05/04/2011

Guess i'll check out dvf ~mods plz dnt close~


I've played Urban Rivals a year or so back and started fresh again out of curiosity. I've seen how good some players can be (even at low levels), and I need some tips and tricks to push my character out of the low levels and start building a deck worth playing.

I will not be spending any money on this deck, please don't expect me to. Thanks.

Reminded me a little of my best guild I ever been in... Death Shadows... Pretty sure that this guild will take care of ya.

I like bananas. smiley
Good Luck!

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