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saturday 23/04/2011

Hello people looking for a new guild? well you found onesmiley accepting all levels but you must speak a da engrish smiley cards hand outs are a possibility so join please join smiley

Other guilds have no chance. FM has spoken.

Silent Death is a guild dedicated to those who like to play and are aiming for the top ... we seek players of all nationalities and Levels to form the largest and most powerful guild of all time ...

Silent Death

friday 22/04/2011

thursday 21/04/2011

When is started playing someone was giving free cards and it helped me and i had lots of fun playing this game.
Now i have stopped playing, i would like to give away my cards to the beginners. smiley
Only 1-10 level people are concerned and only 1 cards per person.
I got a few good cards in montana, vortex and all stars.
Those interested can mail me.

Guild:1298005 is recruiting!!!!

Req: - Active!! ( this is the most important!)
- At least level 15 and above~
- Preferably knows english!

If you fulfill the req then come apply!!!!! guild:1298005

Thanks Argos.

tenzoking, please read this, and then repost your recruitment thread.

wednesday 20/04/2011

If your new to urban rivals or your a vetran and looking for a guild youv'e come to the right place this is a active guild for all level of players.if you would like to join you can guild search the name the ex presidents thanks.

Please disregard the hyperlink and click on the Golden Dragon Enforcers link at the top.


Could you repost the thread after reading these rules and guidelines, please!


Much appreciated.


tuesday 19/04/2011

Hey i think you should join the academy of my guild

Found a guild. Close pl0x.

For each guild that approaches me, I plan on staying a week or so before I make a decision. Once I find somewhere to settle down, I'll ask a mod to close the thread.

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monday 18/04/2011

Lol ty chris

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