sunday 26/12/2010

I will trade:
1x Butch
1x C Beast
1x C Blade
1x C Wing
1x Cyb Lhia
1x Dagg
1x Deea
1x Dregn
1x Galen
1x Heegrn
1x Kobalth
1x Leherg
1x Lovhak
1x Neloe
1x Oflgn
1x Onyx
1x Sunder

1x Angie
1x Blaaster
1x Bodenpower
1x Graff
1x Juicy Lord
1x Loocio
1x Shann
1x Willy

For your

Miss Twice Cr
Jackie Cr

if your willing to do business, please pm me. thanks

For Your:

B"H What cards are you looking for?
PM me back.

I can sell you a Level 5 Eloxia for around 3200 clintz.

The market price is around 2600-3000 but I obviously need to make profit and you have to include the -5% so just pm me when your ready.

Interested in skrumxxt and uranus

How about 85 smiley

saturday 25/12/2010

No thanks, not really looking for multiples of the same card

No thanks. your offer would be just under par, but teh reason why I'm asking for 45k is because you have market control. You can set the price of george over time to 500-600, and people will have to buy it

Okee I am buying a Copper card any level for 14k clintz even thats all i have pm me if you would sell

Trading my Vickie Cr 0xp for your Vickie Cr Full + 1-2k.

PM me fast if you want to trade, thanks!

friday 24/12/2010

Illl give you tan man and miss twice cr and chad bread cr and guener cr?

@UM-Sleipnir Dude Your Really Good!

I am looking for a Berserkgirl Cr at any xp level. smiley

I would like to trade a Rass Cr 0xp or Lao Cr 0xp for her. smiley

I can add to the offer if needed and I can also just pay cash if the price is right. smiley

I can also offer lots of other lower priced Cr's for her if needed.

pm me with offers or just post on this board smiley

Thanks Mods for posting as always smiley

Happy Holiday's Everyone smiley

Offering 103k for Reine Cr and 190k for Melissa Cr

Either PM me direct or place them straight into my private sales

Thanks Mods and Merry Christmas to one and all!

Trading my Sigmund Cr for 5 Jackie Cr,
and Dragan Cr for 8 Jackie Cr.

PM if you're interested, thanks!

Merry Christmas Eve!!

Lol this thread was started in june =P

I'm trading my Embolt for Morhla or a Collin
Embolt is EPIC for abot 73 reasons
~6 POWER!!!! Thats s much as Blaaster!!!
~A GREAT ability!!!!!!If you lose you still win!!!!!
~A great bonus!!!Gheist Wish they had a EPIC bonus like Embolt here!!!!!

Pm me if you feel like trading any card around Morhla or Collins range
ty mod

Why Russian? smiley

It seems like that board is very inactive compared to the English, French, and Italian boards

Skullface cr per miss twice cr?

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