saturday 05/02/2011

Yeah, good luck. at least the 4 and 5 keys are near one another. you might get lucky having somen press 45k instead of 55k.

friday 04/02/2011

Best offer: 16 Herman

I buy Vickie Cr (don't matter how much xp) for 180k,
pm if you are interesstedsmiley

I m trading my My Dragan Cr 0exp for Dragan Cr Full + complement smileysmiley

I am looking to trade 9 oshitsune for 5 noodile crs or sell em for 40k

Dam it i just traded her off a few days ago
but good luck korn this is a pretty darn good deal ! smiley

Ok... let's try this route... I'm looking to trade entire Vortex for equal value CRs... preferably tan man... but pm me any offers.

thursday 03/02/2011

Still , Looking smiley

You interested in complete clans or do they fall under the less than 100k category?

Im pricign him at around 95k . I want crs totaling up to this amount or other good-non cr's. Im willing to negotiate through pm.

Purchasedsmiley close please

Selling 50 Vansaars 190ea

No one?

Marlysa + 20k for tessa + 7 jackie 0xp

Just post here or pm me

i value GraksmxxT for 27000


When i traded marly smiley

Still interested in caelus? Faster before someone get's to it first. =)

As stated in the title. =D

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