wednesday 01/12/2010

Your Ombre Cr for:

Page Cr
Geuner (2)

My General cr+++45K for Lyse Teria cr smiley

PM me for the nagotiation smiley

Thanks mods

Jackie is 78-88K The big gap is caused because of the Market Craze. Good luck Bro smiley

Wanna trade my jackie cr (max exp) for
Kreen Cr

Pm for a quicker response

5 0xp for 100 harold 0 Xp.

Hi, I'm looking for multiple Olga 0xp cards, i'm offering 2700 clintz for each one, or i can trade some for the cards that i have on public sales.

If you are interested send me a private message or just write here.

Thanks in advance.

Wanna trade my smokey for Dalhia and Bloodh. Will add clintz if need to pm me for a quicker response

Thanks mods

I need one kolos for 39k thx =) no higher than 39k plz

Hi, If you have one Graks to sell plz msg me smiley

I am looking for vickie cr i offer tanaereva cr 0 exp et jackie cr 0 exp

Please if you are interested pm me

Now im buying only vickie

3 jackie full for your lamar cr + 20k

thanks mods. smiley

Shes Only 13k now and she'll be going down to 6-8k in 2 weeks, she is common, Jackie will go down to 50k-60k and stay there for a month then slowly rise...noodile will stay there because she's common aqnd way too many players have her vs Jackie!

2 jackie full + 4 0 xp noodile

Buying the following cards, prices can be negotiated for bulk trades.

Zatman 0exp 8.5k Full 8.2k
Dorian 0exp 6.2k Full 6k
Rubie 0exp 1.8k Full 1.7k
Chiara 0exp 8.5k Full 8250
Cliff 0exp 1150 Full 1.1k
C wing 0exp 5.6k Full 5450
Lehane 0exp 1025 Full 975

Please send me a private sale and expect payment immediately/within the hour. Pm me if you have any questions. Thanks for looking and thank you mods!

And i search général or lyse for 5M

I did what you said smiley now make this public smiley

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