monday 20/12/2010

@Mystic Ranger, If There Are So Many Great Avatar Workers Out There, Why Your Avatar Looks All Messed Up....Exactly, I'll Make You A Free One, Just Because Your Avatar Looks Like A 3yr Old Made It, and @ Santa Babe, U Should Let Me Make You A Avatar, And I'll Bet 10,000 Clintz You Wouldn't Mind Payin 5,000 Clintz, BTW I Also Said I Accept Cards & Paypal!

Im trading my dregn for the following:

smokey cr

chicko cr

i will think about other offers you have to give me


2 jackie cr, blaaster and smokey cr

I have a dregn but i want to trade it for kolos

Is that for kinjo? What lvl are these cards?

I search a Dragan Cr and i offer an Elya Cr (full xp) + 2 Jim Cr (one 0 xp + one full xp) + some clintz
so if you are interested pls make an offer, pm for quicker response

thx @ mod

Hello, I am looking for Copper, 10,000-13,000 clintz. Thanks Mods smiley

sunday 19/12/2010

Your asking for waaaay too much, all the things you want are 10k more then the card you offer

Sorry, not interested in admiral py cr Chikko Cr or Terry Cr i need usable cards. i worked hard getting vickie cr so i dont want to waste all that effort i put in over 2 years lol smiley

Just one, or maybe a couple I don't have that kind clintz lol

Anyone else ?

You can take me 100 Chiara once and then someone else an ohter 200 smiley

Hi , I have : Dagg 0exp+ 4 C Wing 0exp+ 2 Praxie 0exp+ 4 Chiara 0exp+ 2 Jay 0exp ,

I´m looking for Vickie Cr

Alec cr per charlie yayoi louise e selina?

Hi dudes!
Looking to buy a Dregn.
I have also cards to exchange if you want to trade.

Send me a PM for a faster answer smiley

Are you looking for clintz?

@ Vondaz
He / She isnt trading , its Sayd ( BUY )

Anyway i can get you Kyle For 200 c
PM me if you want some more

Hello, I am trading one of each of the following cards in a single lot:

Ongh, Kenny, Chiara

I am looking specifically for the following lot:

Vermyn N, Selma, Sylth, Pesth

Please PM for inquiries -- thanks for looking.

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