sunday 30/01/2011

Buying 83 Aigwon Noel for 180 each PM me

Close please mod's I have her nowsmiley

saturday 29/01/2011

I have entire skeelz clan all are 0 xp, offer?

I have veccio, milovan and simon what u off er for themmmsmiley

3 Jackie cr + Dregn + Deea. Not 1 clintz more smiley

Lol! its not easy. The most I ever had was like 4.5M in clintz which I had to work my butt of getting Nothing is Impossible! smiley

Close This beacause prices of cards changed and i think he already selled those cards and subject is from 3 months ago

Selling 4 of them for 900 each smiley

3 Jackie cr + Dregn for Splata cr?

Really if you want to find buyers atleast lower it to 600k though i wouldnt be personally interested for 600k for a full exp.But you might find other buyers.

Looking to trade for any crs or clintz
rough price at 750 000

Auction of 200 2*Star 0xp cards
(Puff, Jeto, Ogoun Kyu, Diego, Elliot, Hawkins Noel, Globumm, Jeff, Orlando, Gran Vista, Halley, Embolt, Warren, Lihoi Chun, Cesare, Bob Joby, Mini Mosu, Sandy, Jeff, Winston, Allan, Niki, Jessica)

Start price: 37500 Clintz (188/card)
By It Now price: 39000 Clintz (195/card)

My auction will end on 05/02/2010 - 13:00

Mods please close this coz this subject is from like 3 months ago and he already sold cards.

Thanks mod smiley

got it already smiley

I got Lamar cr and Vickie cr
I still need the others.

Official List of what I will be willing to trade:
Rares: Hystrix, Thormund, Piotr, Grudj, Cassandra, Anibal, Krung, Heegrn, Katan, Ashigaru, Bridget, Timber, Vansaar

Uncommons: Akendram, Astrid, Deeu, Dacote, Oflgn, Donnie, Ryuichi, Lin Xia

Commons: Dr.Saw, Tula

(these are what i thought people may want they have higher clint prices then many others)
P.S. the Pussycats are now not for trade

Close Please

Buying Dregn lvl 5 for 34000 rushsmiley

friday 28/01/2011

Still looking smiley

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