sunday 19/12/2010

Anyone else ?

You can take me 100 Chiara once and then someone else an ohter 200 smiley

Hi , I have : Dagg 0exp+ 4 C Wing 0exp+ 2 Praxie 0exp+ 4 Chiara 0exp+ 2 Jay 0exp ,

I´m looking for Vickie Cr

Alec cr per charlie yayoi louise e selina?

Hi dudes!
Looking to buy a Dregn.
I have also cards to exchange if you want to trade.

Send me a PM for a faster answer smiley

Are you looking for clintz?

@ Vondaz
He / She isnt trading , its Sayd ( BUY )

Anyway i can get you Kyle For 200 c
PM me if you want some more

Hello, I am trading one of each of the following cards in a single lot:

Ongh, Kenny, Chiara

I am looking specifically for the following lot:

Vermyn N, Selma, Sylth, Pesth

Please PM for inquiries -- thanks for looking.

Hello Dudes,

I'm buying a Dagg for 20k clintz.message me or post. if anyone is interested.

Thanks to all, and thank you mods smiley
Happy Holidays!


i will trade/sell this cards:

i will the cards kinjo lost hog!

i do all my cards and 1000 clintz for kinjo and lost hog!

19rubie -->37980
11nistarok -->36600
50deebler lvl 2 0xp -->30000

saturday 18/12/2010

Sorry but already bought close

28k for 1 dahlia 0xp?

Let's see if you get a better offer

Raeths are gone

Looking to trade Cyb Lhia for C wing.

pm please.

i have manon cr flavio cr aldebaran cr
what u can give me

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