wednesday 24/11/2010

Hello people i sell or trade my cr's, i search clintz or clintz+ card

> Sigmund Cr 350 000
> Elya Cr 250 000
> Miss Twice Cr 100 000
grazie mod

Looking for Elya Cr, full xp preferently

My offer is 15 Chiara full xp + complement.

Any interested, say it here, and we can agree wich complement do you want.

Thx mods smiley

Ill buy taham for 6000 now that how high i go

Manon cr is gone, thanks @brahmaman smiley

Hi i am looking to buy a ambre i currently have 20,000 clintz that is all i can pay pls only willing sellers pm me
God bless smiley

tuesday 23/11/2010

I have NDololo cr 0xp
im looken for a clintz pure of 630k
or other large staple cr that is low in fluctuation to trade to clintz
looken to finnaly get a cash out for him, sick of selling my whole deck every week to adapt to the ELO banned

thanks modds

Sameee matee, hopefully youu sell to me smiley

Sent you a PM. Please let me know.

Bersekgirl cr 0 exp+ lao cr full + kerozinn cr 0 exp

Exactly fast is fun
i agree with fast is fun

I bought it.

u may close the thread, mod.


Send me a pm with your offer if you got Dregn and wanna sell it or exchange for some cards.

Your funny smiley

Will buy Ghumbo for 25k
Send me a trade or PM me.

Ghumbo 20k.
i have 90k clintz. any you want to sell that belows in market price. PM ME :>

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