saturday 11/12/2010


Price is Negotiable

Buying Kerozinn Cr 166,000 clintz

pm me if interested

Gaia for 1,000 clintz just private sale it to me if you deal on my price thanks

I actually forgot about this. smiley No hard feelings, Wahzoo.
I already have a taker for this deal so this thread can now be closed.
*Performs "I Told You So" Dance*

ROT_Primo makes great avatars

It was you who made mine, right?

friday 10/12/2010

Just looking to trade 3 tanaboy for bigger crs like tessa, vickie, lamar, kerozinn.
I can add cash or cards for trade smiley

Thx mod smiley

Looking for Blasster, either trade or purchase.
Pm with ur price or card u wanna trade

Interested parties can message me directly

I'll accept that offer sir yoni I sent you a pm, pm me back

To other crs

or charlie

I would like to pay in cash 170 000 for Kerozinn cr OR
Trade cards to the value of 175 000, i may not have the cash on me if you ask for it.

Thanks, please post other offers here.

If i had one i would

Willing to sell a full xp Vickie Cr for 150,000 Clintz? Message me to let me know if you are.
Thanks smiley

I'm looking to trade both my nahi cr (full exp) and noodile cr (full exp) for skeelz up to their value. I'm not looking to sell them just trade.

PM me for way way faster responce


What else do u have? i would be interested in trading my Tan Man for ur Swidz Cr, Copper, and Striker but u still would have 14K to make up dont PM me my PM is glitched so post ur response here

thursday 09/12/2010

8 chars is the very minimum it would be truly hard to have dregn besides he never bought credits in his life, to top it all he is a mod he probably can see some nasty things smiley lets just believe the mod

I'm looking for Tanaereva Cr. I'm offering my Alec Cr + 30K clints.

please pm me or post,

Thanks guys, you can close this up nowsmiley

Hi i trade Vickie cr for 3 jackie cr

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