saturday 22/01/2011

Newly added Puff, Lothar, Spudd

Sounds Good. Check your market.

Ah mingau we meet again smiley I usually offer a little more than the market price smiley You can PM me if you would like smiley

Can you specify what packs you buys?

20 jackie 0xp + lamar full smiley great change

friday 21/01/2011

Please close this thread

Kolos and 10k for jackie

Mods can close thanks smiley

I got ray and bryan still want em?

If you want any offers, consider making your deal more reasonable. They cost less than 300, and the people will probably want to make a profit.


Tell me what cards you want and for what price and i will leave them in your PS./

Hello im looking for a splata Cr either full xp or 0xp dosent matter which one smiley

my offer is

all piranas-125k

i will add stuff if needed

thanks mods

Cheapest at 1800 clintz

thursday 20/01/2011

Vickie cr 0xp + Lamar cr 0xp + Nahi cr 0xp

I am buying all Aigwon Noels for 299 clintz.

Place in my Private Sales if intrested.

Hey all, im looking to trade the Full Collection, (including all New Bloods), + all the collectors 500k and lower, (excluding Aldeberan Cr), for Lyse Teria + 300k.

(Deal is worth 5600000 to 5700000 based on current market prices.

PM if you're interested, thanks!

I'm looking for a dj korr cr,

i offer

smileysmiley - 5 765 000 - smileysmiley
Lamar Cr
Ambrose Cr
Reine Cr
A Award Cr
11 Praxie 0xp
6 Hawk 0xp

tell me

french / english

I done but they search cash -___-" or a complement of 500k-2M smileysmileysmileysmiley

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