sunday 21/11/2010

This was on tuesday before the legendary missions came out so give him a break

Buying Alec Cr for 53K-58k or pm me with trade offer and we can negotiate.


Contact me asap with how the transaction goes

I offer 150k, send me pm pls whoever is interested

In 2-3 weeks timmy will go back to arround it's usual price, and dudley missions can b done untill day 19, so don't rush and get cheap

Yeah a but hard to understand maybe stick with french foram because not too many kiki Cr in the english fourms

I will give 19000 k for ambre smiley

I am willing to pay 15000 if you would take that let me know

saturday 20/11/2010

Lamar Cr + Tanaereva Cr + Copper + XU52 + 140k

Buying All Stars . P.M me if you are willing to sell me cards for under 200 clints smiley smiley Thank ya much!

What about 2 K smiley



Looking for Alec Cr

Around 55k-60k in cards or 50k-55k in clintz

post here or Pm me

Caelus : 18k
Thomas: 4k
Ghumbo: 13k
Oshitsune : 4k
Nistarok : 3k
Alec Cr : 53k
Tanaereva : 84k

Hello i exchange my lamar cr 0 exp for 7 jackie or 3 tanaereva( for this exchange i add 10.000 clintz) if you are interested or want do an offer contact me.

thank modsmiley

Cards have been sold. Thanks.

Dregn and The 8/1 vortex Cyb... something smiley I also got 2k sos... pick the ones you like

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