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tuesday 29/03/2011

I am looking for
Ray 6k
Python 1200
No Nam 1840
Naginata 5750
Isatis 875
Gatline 2198
Emeth 18598
ED 12 3548
Bryan 4k
Decote 1014
Chiro 990
Burger 1700

I offer
Lovhak 1150
Krung 1400
and Cwing 7k
I also will give 38354 in clintz to make up the difference.

If the prices are wrong it's because that's what they were when I checked last.
Pm me for a faster responce.

Thanks Thurstkiller.

I trade my splata cr vs 90 deea 0 exp

monday 28/03/2011

Looking to buy a Marco for 8K, pm me if you have one. I also have some all stars and banngers I could trade.

Here's what I got:
10 Vince - ~7k
3 Mindy (1 0xp) - ~3k
Wardom 0xp - ~11k
Hikiyousan 0xp - ~12.5k
5 Herman (4900 xp) - ~18.5k
20 Rodney 0xp - ~11k
10 Galen 0xp - ~3k
Total - ~66k
Ofc prices aren't set in stone and can go up/down, as for cards I'm looking for, I'm fine with everything that's a good deal (and does not include Vortex), but I do have some interest in Smokey Cr, Ngrath, Aniki, Kamakura, and Manfred

350 clintz??

Looking for Jackie Cr 69k.

PM me plz

Both Graks gone, Taham gone.

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It's LOL

Trading Caelus Cr for...

Charlie (28.5k)
Blaaster (18k)
Vermyn N (14k)

sunday 27/03/2011

Maybe for 3 Owen, people might consider this... why post unreasonable and absurd trades?

I'll trade you, my name is asain boy 808 ALL SPACES!

Still looking to sell these, lowest 0xp in market is 69, 777 so message me if your looking for a 0xp Graksmxxt

Cards i have:
robb cr

looking for:
jackie cr or alec cr

I am selling full Nightmare no Cr for 120k
and Full Piranas with Cr for 120k
Also a Jim Cr 0xp for market price

PM me please

Buy Tanaereva cr, i offer 45k + robb 0xp + vholt 0xp + chikko cr 0xp smiley
pm if you`re interested
thx mods smiley

Nothing interested? if you have general cr or guru cr we can also speak smiley

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