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friday 29/04/2011

Hey guys the tittle says it all i am a filipino, lvl 24 in UR im looking for a good asian guild but if there is a filipino guild out there i would love to join. . .thnx ;DDD

thursday 28/04/2011

Up and down, down and up,
We can jumping all the night)))

We have two events currently going on for only guild members, and there is more to come

Again any level is appreciated to join the guild

Hyperlink guild:1335312
We are a new guild looking for other Canadian players looking to develop their skills and decks.
no requirements other than being canadian!

wednesday 27/04/2011

Be specific when recruiting. What do you have to offer? What are the benefits of joining your guild? Why should they join you guild when there other guild out there recruiting? Are you an honest leader or do you just want players to become guild members?
These questions will eventually be asked by players and you'll have to give them a reasonable response, it's one thing to get players to join it's another thing to get them to stay. Remember players can leave as fast as they join and before you know it you're back at square one.... don't come on to strong, be patient, and think carefully. Good luck, wish you a prosperous guildsmiley

tuesday 26/04/2011

Come and join ~d.a.r.k~ we are an active guild that continuest to grow. join soon and be in our first guild tournement, sure to be fun nad has lots of great prizes. if you are active and can get 2000 battle points a month come and join ~d.a.r.k~

~d.a.r.k~ is an active american guild. We have alot of great players who are competitive and active on our message boards. check us out!

`your guild already has a recruitment thread smiley




monday 25/04/2011

Silent Death EVO is a guild dedicated to all those who wish to join the main guild and aim the top of the Urban Rivals

Do not care about your level but if you have courage enough to challenge the strongest ...!!!

Silent Death EVO

Sorry guild:1171781 is only recruiting lvl 30 and up smiley

The link he put automatically goes to YOUR own guild smiley it's one of those universal link things smiley

I'ved been playing this game for 2 years now and I'm still addicted to it
I have experience with lots of decks whether mono or multi clan decks
I am currently looking for an active guild `cause my guild is not active
I'm not that good at socialization but I'll try my best to cooperate in the guild (I play this everyday anyway smiley)
I can also give some tips to lower members about deck making and such ... but I'm not that good smiley


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