tuesday 05/04/2011


I've played Urban Rivals a year or so back and started fresh again out of curiosity. I've seen how good some players can be (even at low levels), and I need some tips and tricks to push my character out of the low levels and start building a deck worth playing.

I will not be spending any money on this deck, please don't expect me to. Thanks.

Reminded me a little of my best guild I ever been in... Death Shadows... Pretty sure that this guild will take care of ya.

I like bananas. smiley
Good Luck!

monday 04/04/2011


sunday 03/04/2011


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This is a message to the gaming community. Solaris Eradicus is now online and recruiting members +5 and above. English speaking is preferred. Espanol and Francios is supported, but all are welcome. Suggest using a Online Translator, links will be provided. Our mission is to be active, competitive, and promote a family oriented atmosphere. Diversity is welcomed here.

Apply Here:

Yah, I saw. It seems to break the fun of a TCG game, but at least there's a goal for people who have all the non-LD cards.


Sorry mods he must not have seen it. smiley

saturday 02/04/2011

Come check out ~d.a.r.k~ we are somewhat new, but very active and competitive. Also we ussualy have 2 to3 people on most of the time

Well ... our guild has no expectations about you having over 1400+ ELO or w.e. It's just a guild for friends to join from allover the world and meeting new people... we do have some requirements tho:
- Level 15+
- Active people
- fairplay rating over 92%

It's not hard the fit into those req. so... if you are looking for a guild... feel free to send an application and we'll be more then happy to have you.

Guild link:

So I bought 1 booster pack and have been doing pretty well in my games and figure I would see how it is in a guild. I enjoy the game and want to see more aspects of it.

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Please post under 'General' section next time. Players over at that side love helping new players like yourself.

For now, you can read the Game Rules for any doubts:

Of course, you can send me (or any other moderator) a message if you require further help.

Have fun!

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thursday 31/03/2011

Its International and Multicultural guild.We have no tall claims.
Minimum Requirements:
=> A good sense of humour and a firm sense of fairplay.
=> Level Any.
=> Time in game: not very often ) to prevent u from boredom!
=> u must like tarantino or guy Ritchie films ) or/and rock music!
so try it!


wednesday 30/03/2011

The Pit is once again looking for members, join the pit!
We provide card exchange and help, and favor tourneys!
Dedicated to the never ending, "ownage", domination, and self supremacy.
Join the pit today!


tuesday 29/03/2011

With only six members and only 2-3 weeks old we've done pretty well ranking #39 out of 4890 guilds in the U.S. (currently [ranking may increase/decrease depending on activity/inactivity] ) but, my message boards is boring as hell and I need players who are on at least 4 times a week, have interesting topics to talk about, pretty gud stats, and level 30 min. I'm also looking for a trustworthy and responsible member that i can appoint admin. Pm me or apply if you want to find out more or are interested -_~ smiley

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