wednesday 05/01/2011

Got good advice.

3 jiro 0 xp for 1 herman 0 xp
i have 45 jiro 0 xp so i can trade for 15 herman 0xp

7 for 31k @Smiley
@ Dregn Sorry 6Herman = Caelus

Title says it all. i just want one at max level. pm for a faster response. thanks mods smiley

Got my dear Marlysa , hooray smiley

still searching for Elya

Lamar vicky and Tessa are OUT smiley

Trading my Jackie Cr plus clints or cards equal to the amount of Tanevera CR

I got C Wing and other vortex just pm me

Any offers? I'm now looking to buy Davina for 475 clintz

I have waisted my money and bought A Award Cr + Jim Cr please close , thank you.

*changng my offer*

am now offer ing Nahi Cr and 100k clints smiley

please pm me

tuesday 04/01/2011

18k both!! or PM me!
I will buy for cash only. smiley

I got a trade. please close mods, thanks

Sold! cloze the threat smiley

I hve 15k clintz and cards worth enough to make up his price im looking for a smokey cr 0 xp lvl 1

other others u hve to give me pm me and ill think about it and plus for a faster response

thanks mods

I take 4x Ector...

SOLD. Thanks mods, you can close it.

Im looking for Thaumaturge Cr.
I will trade:
Aurora, Caelus, Dregn, Noodile Cr + 8k in cards worth over 1k NO DOUBLES.
Please PM me.
Feel free to comment if you have a reference.
I have references for good commerce such as McJediknight, Valyina, and others.
Please comment only if you have alternative offers for another Cr.
ALL OFFERS WILL BE CONSIDERED and Replied too (eventually)

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