wednesday 10/11/2010

Sell it 14500 anyone?

Thanks for the offer Wice, but I got Jin to translate it, he did a pretty good job, but no buyers

Maybe i should have mentioned this but price is negotiable, i'm looking to get her so i can use her in elo this week so any help is appreciated

I close this topic because i was able to buy the card.

Also willing to accept Pesth and Trey from piranas

Buying Dregn and Deea, pref below market price. (26k and 4.5k)
PM offers or simply private sale them to me. Thank you.

tuesday 09/11/2010

440k + kerozzin + seldnor

I have a sigmund but id like extra clintz or cards

My elya cr full + 2 geuner cr 0xp + chad bread cr + 8k for tessa cr

thanks mod

How about Splata Cr and Tanaereva Cr for Tessa Cr?

I will add 1 wee lee, 1 taham, 1 peeler, feel free to send me a pm for dealing purposes, thanks.

For sale 13 xia lemmings for 700 clintz each

12 full xp
1 0xp

pm me

thanks mods

Hi, as the title scarlett cr buy full exp smiley

My initial offer: shawoman Lamar cr + cr 0 exp 0 exp + exp + full jim cr cr to award full exp + 150000 Clintz

Of course, my offer may change depending on price)

Trade only in moderation! smiley
Sorry for my English smiley

Offers, send me through PM smiley

Will trade for Jay and Tomas

Still looking...

I have a jackie but i cant sell her right now maybe tomorrow..

Ok I have Jim Cr full

monday 08/11/2010

I buy all of your neloes for 670 each one

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