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thursday 07/04/2011

Alright, thanks.

wednesday 06/04/2011

I'm new,and I got no idea how this game is played.Need serious help!!!!!

Great guild!


We are a family that strives to be the best, we pride our selfs on deck building and sportsmanship. To join our guild you have to be lvl 25 and higher . our main goul is to be active and grow to be the best UR has ever seen so if you want to be a part of the future then join NEW AGE OUTLAWS .........IF YOU WERE A REPO MAN THEN YOU CAN JOIN AT ANY LVL also ONLY ACCEPTING 40 MEMBERS

WELL THE REPO MEN started a new and better guild called NEW AGE OUTLAWS

tuesday 05/04/2011

Guess i'll check out dvf ~mods plz dnt close~


I've played Urban Rivals a year or so back and started fresh again out of curiosity. I've seen how good some players can be (even at low levels), and I need some tips and tricks to push my character out of the low levels and start building a deck worth playing.

I will not be spending any money on this deck, please don't expect me to. Thanks.

Reminded me a little of my best guild I ever been in... Death Shadows... Pretty sure that this guild will take care of ya.

I like bananas. smiley
Good Luck!

monday 04/04/2011


sunday 03/04/2011


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This is a message to the gaming community. Solaris Eradicus is now online and recruiting members +5 and above. English speaking is preferred. Espanol and Francios is supported, but all are welcome. Suggest using a Online Translator, links will be provided. Our mission is to be active, competitive, and promote a family oriented atmosphere. Diversity is welcomed here.

Apply Here:

Yah, I saw. It seems to break the fun of a TCG game, but at least there's a goal for people who have all the non-LD cards.


Sorry mods he must not have seen it. smiley

saturday 02/04/2011

Come check out ~d.a.r.k~ we are somewhat new, but very active and competitive. Also we ussualy have 2 to3 people on most of the time

Well ... our guild has no expectations about you having over 1400+ ELO or w.e. It's just a guild for friends to join from allover the world and meeting new people... we do have some requirements tho:
- Level 15+
- Active people
- fairplay rating over 92%

It's not hard the fit into those req. so... if you are looking for a guild... feel free to send an application and we'll be more then happy to have you.

Guild link:

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