tuesday 21/12/2010

Hax praxie e dalhia per smockey cr e dregn>?

I really need one Kolos and put it into my deck, but right now I just have 37K+ Cliniz. If someone sell it to me, I'll appreciate, thanks!

( I trade now my Tanaereva Cr + 1 Kreen Cr + Kreen Cr (0xp) +Smokey Cr (0xp) + Striker + Dragan Cr + 40k for Marlysa smiley )

I buy yours leader 0exp (or not full) for 250 clintz each one smiley
put in my ps thanks smiley

thanks mod smiley


Hello all... I'm looking to expand on my nightmare deck and piranha deck... Let me know if you have any you are willing to part with. thanks for those who cares.. smiley

Please close this thread... already bought them...

thanks modssmiley


1. credits
2. multi accounts

Buying Sentogan 0exp for a market price
Need many

Please contact customer services, they might be able to help you

For splata cr i offer Kerozinn + Charlie..

Thx modssmiley

Can anyone accept 48,245 for an alec cr? thanks smiley

I've PM you, did you receive my message?

monday 20/12/2010

YK_DEH_ROX i accept your offer for sum sam cr 0xp

1 Reine Cr 0xp -->130.000
1Melissa Cr 0xp --->225.000
1Skullface Cr 0xp -->83.000
1 Cassio Cr 0xp---->40.000
25 Gwen lvl 2 0xp -->40.000
9 Zatman 0xp -->54.000
1Splata Cr full-->200.000
1Miss Twice Cr full -->90000
1 Page Cr 0xp -->35.000
2Tanaereva 0xp -->170.000
1Thaumaturge Cr -->80.000
1Dwain Cr 0xp -->75.000

+1Alec Cr 0xp -->60.000
+2smokey full-->44.000

putt in private vent or if you want tell a moderator to do the change

No offer low
thanks -KrK-

My offer : 2 x Tanaereva cr + Alec cr + Kerozinn cr for Splata cr + Lamar cr.

No other trades accepted, thank you modssmiley

Fellow Calz is too dumb to ask the mods to close it, so I will do it for him smiley
Close Mods! smiley

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