friday 05/11/2010

Can i buy one of ur askais please?
i can try to get a nahema and pm me ty

A) 2 Reine Cr for a Lamar Cr; or
b) 2 Reine Cr and Cassio Cr for 3 Tanaereva Cr

PM me if interested.

All full and since market price went down ill sell
1 for155
all for 15,000

Got the trade close please smiley

Please close / delete this thread

You can close.
thank you smiley

Sir Alec Cr to my Kolos + 5k

I'm looking for DJ Korr Cr Full Exp. Looking to trade my Guru Cr 0xp and Manon cr Full Exp for him.

Negiotable. Pm me smiley

TRADE TO YOUR Tanaereva Cr, or 1 Alec Cr + Clintz smiley
and sell for 43.5k smiley

I can now recieve pm's, nvm about what i said about preset, send pm for faster response

I'll do it for 100k clintz.

thursday 04/11/2010

Vickie cr, kerozinn cr, blaster and 50k.

This should close up since we already traded thx for good trade smiley smiley

I would like to buy one Jim Cr with "1 Dergn + 1 C Wing + 50k"

PM me

Already got it! Close, please.

Hmmm, this was 3 months ago? haha

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