wednesday 31/01/2018

Straight trade my full xp surstorming for your any xp shinobi
Will consider other trades but priority goes to this deal
I can make this trade x2

tuesday 30/01/2018

Or 2x Shirley 0 exp.
Mix is fine as well.


Closed, reserve price not met.

Will close post and remake will correct time, sorry for that

I just copied another thread of mine and made a few adjustments, guess I forgot some stuff.
I'll close this thread and make a new one with everything right. Thank you smiley

Auction goes to The only bidder

Ok Lyse now for only 18 999999 smiley Buy in the market or ps. Only for the next 10 hours; the first one gets it smiley

Done thanks.

@Crimer nope, he's toppled playable ages ago. I'd say he's so meta rn that you must have him.
So contact me and get your very own Flavio Cr TODAY! With 50k clintz discount!

All saki sold 1 regina left

Mods , pls close this thread . deal done

We are done, Shoxie wins

Bought enough closing for now smiley

Thank you smiley

If you had any other card in mind let me know

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