saturday 09/10/2010

Hoping to get these 100-200 below market price. i am willing to trade my 0xp caelus for a few of these

cards im looking for are


pm me and thanks

I've got a big monkey, but i don't have banana, and i prefer music.
So, i'm looking for a DJ, but DJ alone, i don't want anybody with him.
I trade Kiki VS DJ + Cash (200 000).
Thanks !

My bad

both Vickies are full and im looking for around 320k or something close to that. Clintz only

My C Wing for Lovhak ... That's it I guess, anything pm me smiley

I trade vickie cr 0xp + 2 zatman 0xp + 17k by a lamar cr 0xp mp me please thanks (:

You have already put your cards up for auction, this thread is unnecessary smiley

I messaged you, i guess my offer isnt good enough????

I wanto to trade my lyse teria cr full for a general cr full!


I want to buy Lowhak for 2958 clintz+1randy+1ashigaru(lvl4)


I'm pretty sure I can get one for 29.5

It's ok for me

my kérozinn cr for your : smokey cr 0xp + tanaereva cr + 50k

contact me for exchange

Any lvl

Post your offers (No silly offers)


Thanks. Got what I wanted. Please close this thread.smiley

friday 08/10/2010

Or i can offer 32,000 for Swidz Cr

Please PM me your specifications. Those are just examples. smiley

Ill buy ur tan man for 80k meg me plz smiley

I am willing to buy Caelus for 15-16k
I know its lower than his price at the market right now, but i hope i can find someone that willing to sell his/her Calus to me smiley

Thanks for all smiley

There is some mod here? smiley

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