monday 01/11/2010

What Can I Get Get With 5000 Clintz?
I Dunno?

Thanks for all the jiro, but i want more

Offer still stand, although i have sold 1500 already, all full xp now

Looking for more smiley

Alec Cr , 48k
Kolos , 39k
Jackie, 34k

The prices you alot to your individual cards are way too high. Besides, those are not their average price. Even if they fluctuate, they won't reach those prices.

Hello fairly new here somewhat short collection.

My Kenny 0xp (currently 11..4k ish)


Mona 11.5k ish. will throw on a sweetener common or pay the difference.

Looking for kerozine cr and + a card. smiley

pm me for faster responses.

vickie = awesome , but i want to play fpc a lil.

sunday 31/10/2010

Im selling 30 taljion for 25,000 clintz 0 exp.
i am willing to trade for any cards of similar value


I would like to buy your Kerozinn cr for 165 000,

Please pm me offers, thanks.

Thy are equal to 194k and she's 182k so here's the update:

My cards for vickie cr and 11k!smiley

42 c wing for my elya? smiley


I would like to buy your Splata cr for 200 000,

thanks for your help, Pm me offers.

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I am also interested in a marlysa cr, but my Max pricer for her is 650k

14000 Flat

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.
And please list the cards that you are selling. A link to it is not sufficient smiley

I would like to trade mt ray for a tremoth and fuzz full exp
also my ray is level 2.

I need 1 Splata Cr @ 175 000 clintz. Thank you.

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