wednesday 15/12/2010

Offering 2.5 Million Clintz + ~4 Million in Cards (mostly Crs)

Price at the Market currently is:
Dj Korr Cr
5 549 999 Clintz

So, should be nice deal for those who have spare Dj Korr Cr (just enjoying the term Spare Dj Korr Cr).
Contact me privately to get list of Cards.

Would be nice if any Moderator could re-post this in French Message Board as well.

This is useless... no one bids anymore over here on bigger cards.. Well, Thanks FiF I really appreciate it.

Anyone? i will pay around 265 not 250

i will also but zinfred of fang pi

Hmm..... 6-6.2k?

At any rate, I want to buy her at an ideal (fancy word for cheap smiley ) price, though not necessarily at the price listed.
Send me pms or even better, your Kerry directly smiley
Thanks mods

[closed[ i got one, thanks though smiley

tuesday 14/12/2010

King my friend, i sent you a pm too, but i feel like informing the other players toosmiley
0 exp cards cost more than full exp, so you should fill something to take it.
So, i trade: Vickie cr 0 exp for vickie full + 10k and Marlysa cr 0 exp for marlysa ful +20k smiley

Mods close this one down please

I got Blaaster still looking for the rest (Charlie is gone and i have 2.2K left)

3 vickie cr + jackie cr + 40k

I have 1 full jiro

Azel/Pan deal is done...

Buy my grudj / trade for Phyllis


9k, no more no less

Private trade works best

Thanks mods

May be closed ty

monday 13/12/2010

I want to sell most of my cards to be able to buy the perfect collection. It is all or nothing. No single picking. Please PM me.

There are 621 cards for sale. They could be seen here.

Notably 2 Admiral Py Crs
Jackie Cr
Tanaereva Cr
2 Graks

However, there are no Piranas or Leaders in the bunch.

Thank you,

I'm looking for a Lyse Teria Cr at any level.

My General Cr is at full exp and signed by Euzebe and Force Majeure. smiley

PM me for faster trade negotiation. smiley

Buying kerozinn cr 167,000 clintz

thanks smiley

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