monday 13/12/2010

I want to trade your Splata 0exp for mine with full exp. I offer 15000 (:

Trading Lao cr for about 670k worth of cards (Willing to negotiate)

Please pm me for faster response
thanks mods!

Offer still up. PM me. Thanks

Got my Tessa Cr, close please.

Thank you.

sunday 12/12/2010

Now it is all of this, plus 6k clintz.

Close please and thank you admins smiley

Looking to buy a Tanaereva Cr 0Xp for a minimum of 80 000 to 85 000 if anyone is willing, Message me and we may arrange a deal. Thanks Mods


For today only. The auctions buy now price is almost 4000 under the market price! get it now!!

Thannks mods. you can close this

Closed the subject thanks

I trade murphy for 2000 or 1000 and good cards please private sel them

NDololo cr 0xp and 25k

Here's what I need:
Vermyn N
Loocio (optional)
I'd prefer if the rent is for free (maybe I'll lend you some cards when the Montana mission comes out)
But if your hell bent on ripping people off to increase your own wealth, then I guess I can't do anything but negotiate a rental fee
I'll offer 1 ambre as a security deposit
Also, if by some chance you still think I'm buying the said cards, then read the title again. I'm not high (atm) or stupid, so don't send me any pms selling cards (unless the blaaster your offering is 15k, in that case it's a sale smiley )
Also the rental is 1-3 days, I won't need them longer than that
Pm works best, thanks mods, cake, and chocolate milk
Weird for some reason I'm getting hungry...

I offer around 10-14k clintz

P.M. me if you want to take that deal, or negotiate me another offer for your Dalhia.

Trading it a Dregn for - any vortex card(s) equivalent in clintz . Msg me

Hi there,
I'm looking to trade my Jane Ramba for Marina straight up

Please pm me


Charlie for 22k-25k
if for 22k i can add cards

I am trading 70 Jackie Cr cards for any of the following cards: Guru Cr, Lyse Teria Cr, General Cr, Kiki Cr, or DJ Korr Cr. PM me for a quick response. smiley

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