saturday 30/10/2010

I will trade you my zdrone for your alexei.

I'm looking for a dregn im looking for a small discount i can buy him for 30k please help

Already got it! Close, please.

Should be closed, then.

Gio- Hey, Jerromy got a free Miss Twice Cr. Sooooo I was seeing if nice people were around.And simply, nope smiley

GoodLuck on your search for Marly smiley

Another update
ambrose cr

Guys sorry all sold out.........=(

@ admin close this thread


I bought it.

thank you, mod!

u may close the thread!

Let's see... On the updates: I have 158 607 clintz ATM. 172 000 - 158 607 is...14k off. Please?

Try french boards. I could translate if that fancies you.

friday 29/10/2010

Thanks guys, you can close this upsmiley

Close please

I would give you 95k for the nightmares

Update : I have clintz now, so if you are not interested in Methane i can change it into Ghumbo 0xp and 2-3k

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