sunday 24/10/2010

I have a lamar cr 0exp

What will you trade a Methane for?

Already got Miss Twice Cr (max)

I will trade for the tanaereva cr

Im looking for a 0 xp kerozinn cr.Will trade:

85k+5 baldovino(10k)+0 xp swidz(40k)+0 xp seldnor(30k)

which should equal 160k being the normal 0 xp price for kero.PM if interested.

And u have to purchase to sell card or maybe u don't need to if u've been playing for a while like a year ago or some thing

saturday 23/10/2010

Up... now i search only 100 liam and 61 redra smiley

In mi vp thankssmiley

I prefer mine smiley

Ill buy for 100

You have already put this card up for auction, you do not need this thread smiley

I managed to parlay my youthful interest in UR into possession of several copies of Vickie! The main man who I am missing from those times is Lamar! I am more than willing to make up the fluctuating difference in their respective values with some of the other cards in my collection, though I personally believe that Vickie and Lamar are roughly the same sort of value. Anyone out there with a Lamar who is willing to work a deal should respond to me ASAP! Thanks for looking!

Im selling my Ryuichi full exp for 6,5k now
pm me

Trade is still up..

still looking for harolds! smiley

Buying eloxia at 2650

For a Lamar Cr preferably. I realize there is a slight disparity in the prices on the marketplace, but we know how these things fluctuate- Both of these were available when I first started the game and somehow I ended up with 4 Vickie and not a single Lamar. I have never really played All-Stars so he wasn't a priority for me to pick up and now, he's next to impossible. Anyone out there with an extra who needs a Vickie?


I'll take 10k off the price for clintz, 5k for Vickie.

3339 cost. edd

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