monday 18/10/2010

39k each for kolos
9250 each for zatman
30k each for jackie
17k each for graksmxxT

Thank you! CLOSED!

Selling Jay for 20,000 clintz hurry and buy!!!smiley

I would like to buy several Hawk for 5k apeice.
If you have hawk and want to negotiate a price or just want to say youve dropped one in my sales I would greatly appreciate it! smiley

Im looking for John, Dayton , Miranda , Skinner, William or Lehane. For somewhere around 700-850 Clints.


sunday 17/10/2010

Selling all my vortex members.

butch: 500
c blade: 600
c wing: 4900
cyb lhia: 5800
dagg: 15900
deea: 4000
dregn: 32900
galen: 350
heegrn: 2900
kobalth: 1700
lehrg: 300
lovhak: 3600
neloe: 400
oflgn: 3900
onyx: 280
sunder: 400

or the whole clan for 77k
pm me for offers

Im looking to sell my entire vortex collection at one time, all characters are at 0exp. includes all 16 cards (so yes that means Dregn too)

looking to get about 80k, price is negotiable

I am collection this card((((( zinfrid ))))) i will pay 700 clintz or i will give u a card of that values 700 clintz please message me if u interested

Looking to buy a full xp Alec Cr. Offering 52K in clintz. PM me if you're looking to sell one.

Hello, I am willing to buy as many Dreen's as you have for the price of 270 clintz each. Just drop them in my private sales.


I really want to buy one Dagg for 13.5K. I'm poor and I can not afford more than 13.5K. If someone si interested in selling me, PLZ PM me, I appreciate, thank you!!!smiley

3 dregn 0exp +kolos 0exp + 15k if u are interested send me a message

I will do all the fulls

3 lamar and one tan man all full xp
pm me

A quick estimation to help buyers (I could have make mistakes)

2 Dragan Cr Full = 2 * 420k = 840k
10 Amiral Py Cr 2 0xp = 10 * 5,2k = 50,2k
Lamar Cr 0xp = 210k
2 Kerozinn Cr 0xp = 170k *2 = 340k
3 Tessa Cr 1 0xp = 3*250 = 750k
Splata Cr 0xp = 190k
Vickie Cr 0xp = 180k
Elya Cr 0xp = 230k
Jim Cr 0xp = 100k
Seldnor Cr 0xp = 32k
Diyo Cr Full = 30k
Geuner Full = 25k
3 Smokey Cr 2 0xp = 3*24 = 72k
Cassio Cr 0xp = 35k
2 Alec Cr 0xp = 110k
Beltran Cr 0xp = 70k
Melissa Cr Full = 160k
Skullface Cr 0xp = 70k
Swidz Cr Full = 40k
Chad Bread Cr Full xp = 20k
Taneareva 0xp = 90k

3 644,2k so 3 644 200 clintz.

But I didnt really take care of the xp of the card, and it was a quick estimation so.. Make your own opinion smiley

Anyway, good luck mate smiley

My Offer is 3x Tessa Cr 0xp, Vickie Cr + Lamar Cr Full xp +200k.


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