saturday 27/01/2018

For 610k each = 1.22M smiley

I can only do this offer once.

I also have Maana and Marshall if they were preferred in exchange?

Thread Closed as the transaction is complete.

2 dalhia plus 20k for a blaaster cr full. deal?

Xantiax Robb Cr *

For Cr's less than 100k | 5k compliment
For Cr's between 101k - 300k | 15k compliment
For Cr's between 301k - 500k | 25k compliment
For Cr's between 501k - 1m | 35k compliment
For Cr's between 1m - 3m | 50k compliment
For Cr's between 3m - 5m | 80k compliment
For Cr's between 5m - 10m | 100k compliment
For Cr's more than 11m | negotiable! (400k +)

Ymirah cr 0xp + mechakolos cr 0xp + 100k cash

friday 26/01/2018

Oh sorry guys didn't know I had to be equal or higher levl to trade for these cards closing threadsmiley

I estimate Butcher Braxton 0xp 660 k / t.

Newell 0xp (210 k / t)
Dounia Mt 0xp (1.800k / t)

To complete the sending of letters in exchange.

Thank you.

Tanks everybody but no one win this auction i close it

Alec MT value?


I'm selling a lot of 50 Ethane 0xp for 75k/ea

Thanks !

King Ongh Cr=244k
Save me=250k

Saveme wins!

For 23k I'm sure it was sold

Someone hook this dude up! smileysmiley

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