sunday 19/09/2010

Buy Vince 0xp or at least 4*, but not max level. - 550/each
Put in my private sales waiting smiley


Hi I'm looking to trade my 0exp rowdy. I'm open to all fair offers
but I'm mostly looking for a zatman 0exp or some 0exp deea
pm me or post your offers

once again thank you for reading and thank you mods for posting


Hi. I'm Raziel, and I would like to buy Bogdan, from the Freaks clan.


for 3.8k.

If some1 would sell it to me, I would b apreciated. Thank u all that reads this, and thank u mods for accepting.


Also looking for Striker, around 8k

Actually It Depends if its 0xp or not .
U Cant be sure

Since no one gave me an offer i'll just close the subjectsmiley

Il do it

Hello can anyone sell me a cheap Bryan, Trish & Gatline?

Any other good La Junta cards are welcome as well.

Really need you help! Thanks!

Srry all sold mods please close

Im just kidding i know who hawk is

All Cards were sold to Kate.Topic closed

Im sorry but i have no idea of how to get a dregn

I can sell you a havok for that 1200 pm me

Buy lamar cr 0xp 190k cash

saturday 18/09/2010

Ok thanks close plz


Close plz thx

I think he means Bragh

Point 1: That is 500 clintz below market
Point 2: There r other placed 2 put that amount of money

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