sunday 13/03/2011

Lol at Bison.

saturday 12/03/2011

I have a big temptation to join Oceans Full Of Talent so I cant visit any other guilds, the temptation is great

Hi.Our gild has just started,so we are not big atm.You'll actually be the highest lvl.We'r active and willing to learn.Atm we accept low lvl,cos we arent 2 high smiley
At a point this will stop and only high lvl will be accepted.Check us out

This is a new guild looking for active people at any level.We are all here to learn,so any lvl players are accepted at this time.
Here is the link:
Check it out and have fun.

Let's find out smiley close pls.

I am currently visiting the Harbingers of Ares smiley

friday 11/03/2011


I just made the new age so you can start new and become a admin quick

Bad link in the first post, mate. Here you go:


thursday 10/03/2011

Come on people! join up!

Put [RECR] in title, please. smiley

From now on everyone above level 45 is welcome smiley

@Aar: I'll let you guys grow a bit more as a guild before I go visit. I'm trying to look at established and low lvl (no offense) guilds atm.

I think I have enough guilds to visit, so please close this thread, kind mods. Thanks. smiley

If anyone is interested the first few players who join will become admins right away!!!! join now!

-the guild
The Darkwarlords guild (or DWL for short) is a new, friendly, active, social guild that, although is small now, i'm positive will be much larger in just a few days! smiley

Must speak English. That's it! smiley

-how to join
Click the link, then the apply button. That's it! I'll let you in once I see it! smiley
Must speak English. That's it! smiley

-How to join

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