tuesday 14/09/2010

I am willing to negotiate a little but I am looking to get a 0xp Nahi Cr I have a Dregn and a Tomas or Clintz and a Tomas to exchange with. smiley

Looking for a Corvus for 4k,pm me if your willing to sell

Ill buy the full bunch and pay you 15k smiley

Lol good luck

If I had Raeth...

Got him. Thanks all.

125-130k clintz, negotiable.

I m selling my Sigmund Cr Full xp for 275.000 clintz cash quickly, PM me if you are interested..
Thanks mods .

Up up up up,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,offerzzzzzzzzzzzzzzsmiley

How much will you give for my melvin?

Need all vortex please

My piranahas collection worth 35K for an Alec Cr

Hay brahmaman i can offer 35K worth of piranahas for 1 of your alecs

Why do mods let crap like this through? smiley

Looking for:
Buba level 1 - 350 clintz
Elea - 450 clintz
Odile - 550 clintz
Psylo - 550 clintz
Askai - 900 clintz

Close please and thank you smileysmiley

Hello, I am trading my 6 Terry Cr (full) for your Kolos (any Xp). Thankssmiley

monday 13/09/2010

Trade 0xp tanaereva cr plus a tessa cr plus clintz for dragan cr preferably 0xp
pm me or post here

need one urgently so please let me know

thank you modssmiley

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