monday 23/08/2010

I have every skeelz and looking to sell or trade. I will except Jungo, Vortex, CR's, or 60,000 clintz MINIMUM

2100 is all i can get you

Close please

Looking for 0xp cealus.. 16500-17k clintz
just put it in my private sale

thanks mods

You got 9 ???!?!!!!!!?!??!?!?!

Dont lie to them korovief smiley guys u dont have to believe me but dont say i was wrong when ur next :/

I currently have him on sell for 47k smiley

PM me or PS me for offers, willing to trade Hugo Or Kristin Or Zhang. I'll buy it for 350.

Looking for Methane for under the market prices. Thanks People!

I'm trading skullface cr for the following:

nahi cr 0 xp
alec cr 0xp plus 9k
miss twice cr 0xp and I will add a emeth
or 38 0xp stanleys

Ill also take a zinfid as trade for either lev or toro, just add the remaining clintzs to make it fair.

Thanks youngmober

and km zeroboy I have stated the prices are negotiable

Buying lvl 1 warrens from ulu watu clan. ill take 5 i need lvl 1 and they have to be 0 xp. ill take for 150 each

100x talijoin for 1200 ech Pm fast only sell 100x no less

Buying Ongh and Nyema for around 23k ish pm me if you have the cards or want a little bit more

Hes not worth 11k his ability is great for his * but he probly drop to 6k an stay there an dip up an down from 6k -7k or 7.5k when he becones old from new release. just trying to get him at a decent price in sted of waiting another week

sunday 22/08/2010

Sell a Miss Twice Cr 0exp by 80,000 clintzs

We also accept letters to change.

Sorry for my English

Anyone want to trade there Ambre for my Sigma cards?..

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