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sunday 20/03/2011

Join us now

*Freedom Fighters*

We are now looking for new Admins! Preferably to have some past experience, but it is not required!

Freedom Fighters is a growing guild of true professionals to once a month players, and the best news is that we are now recruiting. After a talk of the Admin’s we have decided that we will open the recruiting gates to players from all countries. Dont miss out on our;

Card Give Aways!
Playing in our Private Gaming Room!
Chatting to other players in the online chat facilities!
Playing for prizes!
Getting tips on how to improve!
And answers to all your questions!

Dont miss out on this great opportunity to join the *Freedom Fighters*

Link: *Freedom Fighters*

Come join us we have the technology to help you have fun.

Hello Guys
Are u guys looking for active Guild?
Are u guys active?

If u do pls come join us at http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=1290928 to apply
Lvl 5 above for now we hope see u applying thxsmiley

Hey! my guild is ranked #38 in the U.S. out of 4886 guilds and it's only three days old with 8 members any takers could really use the companysmiley

Yeah, that sounds like a personal ad. Hi everyone. I'm Justin. I've been playing for about 3 years, I've won 2 dts, gotten over 10 in survivor in both T1 and T2, and have a record ELO of 1442ish.

I'm looking for a guild that doesn't care how much I play, and doesn't have a bunch of kids running around. I want to talk sports, beer, and of course UR. I'm looking to get better as a player, but meet of bunch of cool people in the process. As I'm 27 and married, I don't want those cool people to be 12 years old. It's just weird.

If you see that I am in a guild please don't hesitate to PM me as I may not be happy.

Please pray for those affect by the earthquake.

saturday 19/03/2011

Look at my guild it kinda on what u want guild:1171505

Please use the correct forum smiley

This is a new guild for all players eligible of joining a guild. I want to achieve a active and friendly guild.
All I ask is that you can speak english. So what are you waiting for sign up now, ill be waiting.
Guild Link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=1291757


Join guild:1280989,all we need for you is to be active,I see a lot of potential in you,Dead.

friday 18/03/2011

Im tired of these guilds saying that they are active im currently looking for players who fit these requirements:

Active once a day
want to start playing elo
need help / want to help others
who want to have an active chat

if this is you send me message if i get enough interest i will start a guild of even comment on this and i will get in touch with you i want to make this a very active guild open to anyone!

Visit http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=1290928 if you wan JOIN PLAN!!!smileysmileysmiley

Here is the guild link: guild:1290741

Looking for active,skilled,experienced players level 30+ if i have enuf members within the first few weeks i should have some pretty fun activities up and running.. so dont be shy give it a try http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?idguild:1290130

Im recruiting for my new guild ?id_guild:1290510 it is a new guild so there are no members yet but im hoping there will be plenty here soon. only requirment is being lvl 20+ so just apply and get accepted

thursday 17/03/2011


I write this as a fair and honest warning to fellow guild founders and admins.

Mrlance entered the guild and introduced himself as an honest players however he had no interest in our lotteries or events since we have 3 running at the moment. Instead he posted a list of cards and asked members of the guild to buy his cards at prices hundreds of clintz higher than market value and requested they also sell him high value cards such as graks at a very low price compared to market value. An example of this would be him trying to sell hawkins noel for 500 clintz.When one of my admins told him he was out of order to do so he left our guild.

I am not trying to cause any trouble by this but i think it is only fair as a guild founder of a few years now to let others know.

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