wednesday 21/02/2018

Are you auctioning all of these cards together?

Hi, I'm looking for Maana Cercei.

To offer for Maana Cercei any exp (700k), I'm willing to trade Kougloff 0xp (660k) + 2 Kruger (0xp) (30k) + 20k

PM if you're interested.

*bog Sean voice* Oh gaawwd

Sorry i remove my offer bought some cr's with the cash left..

I'll close it out then and repost Sorry King

Deal done, thanks mate

Selling my Judge Lynch for 250000. PM if you're interested.

I offer full #marshal, 0xp Roderick, 0xp Zis

I am looking for: Aamir, Schatzi, Romana

Anybody have this 3 card and willing to trade let me know, thanks smiley

Or Serafina? I'll trade Schatzi for your Serafina.

tuesday 20/02/2018

I add a 0xp ARN 2000 on top of the full #marshal

Open to offers for all or a portion of the lot. Doesn't have to be an offer for all 70

Bought thx anyway!

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