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thursday 13/01/2011

I am raising that to 3 scubb (3450 each) and 5k

225k and Kolos or just 270k thanks for the warning Artemis smiley

Whole Fang Pi Clang w/out Cr = 57330 clintz

If you want I'll trade the whoie clan's cards (w/out Cr) for:

Kolos = approx. 40-42k
Kenny = approx. 10-12k

If you want I'm willing to add clintz.

thanks smiley

Sum Sam is only 1m clintz, but what you're looking for (the entire collection) is 1479750 clintz smiley,v..

Any1 want to sell Rowdy 4 16k? Pm me or post here

I offer 12 0xp and 2 full Herman for 1 Jackie 0xp.
TY mods

I'm closing this. Ill surely get 17 hermans for a much better value on Friday.

Buying 0xp Gwen, paying well, as many as you have. Would pay extra if you have more than 100.

pm me

Looking for nahi cr, arno and armand.

i'll trade you jackie cr, blood h, and hawkins.

pm me please. thanks mods.

Hey all, would anyone be willing to sell a Kolos for 39000-40000 clints?

Id love to have a vicki cr... but im gonna wait till nxt cr release see what happens

Ill buy it for 2300

wednesday 12/01/2011

Oh its ok

Milton 200 clintz each
Cley 700 clintz each
PM me or write here.
TY mods.

Marina 8.3k

stacey 2.4k

deea 2.7k

essie 1.7k

goodluck buying at your prices

I offer 25k. smiley

Would like 3 crs around the same price that i dont have, open to all offers though smiley
id like around 70k a piece

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