tuesday 26/10/2010

If he doesn't, I will

100,000 clintz pm me if interested!smiley smileysmileysmileysmiley


That's way low for Copper and Mona. About 3k off on Mona and 5k off on Copper.

Probably best to sell the c beast now before its price drops

Guy I'm Still lookin for my original post, I've seen ppl post and I haven't recevedany replies after emailing them so I'm stll loooking. Dont count me out guys.

Ill give u 13terry cr for both

Sorry man, i really need dagg and c wing smiley

Lot 1

10 thormund 0xp
1.3k clintz each
looking for 28 0xp harolds /34 full

lot 2

21 0xp tremorhs
2k clintz each
looking for 80 0xp harolds/ 90 full

lot 3

5 0xp sylth
9.4k clintz each
looking for 90 0xp harolds/ 100 full

post here or pm if interested

thanks! smiley

monday 25/10/2010

1. 2 edd's for 3,500 clintz
2. 1 tino for 3,500 clintz
3. 1 enzo for 4,000 clintz
4. 1 fabio for 2,400 clintz
5. 1 donnie for 1,800 clintz
6. 1 avola for 3,000 clintz
7. 1 don for 3,000 clintz
8. 1 gianfranco for 1,000 clintz

Im selling or trading it as a whole, Clintz or Cr's only

Pm me for faster response

Thanks mods

I got 2x Alec Cr im interester in ur all Caelus and Jay´s

Looking to buy Melissa Cr, any level, for about 170K in clintz. PM me if you're interested.

Also for trade Marlysa Cr and 4 Kolos

Please in my VP smiley

Send me a message if you're interested. We might work something out where I add some clintz or you add some etc.

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