sunday 08/08/2010

Sold please close

thanks mods


Please close this thread mods , a friend of mine took the buy in price.
Thank You for everyone who auctioned.

Please closed admin / mods.. already buy one thanks.. smiley

Waiting for stereo's reply
it's a little bit a rip off of 1k but he has the best offer so far.

@DnL: Thanks. smiley

@URHunter: Ir's worth a shot. smiley Anyway, I sold my Vholt for 73K back then. smiley

Tc kid in the lead with4.5ksmileysmileysmiley

saturday 07/08/2010

Please close this thread as I have bought both of these cards.
Ty mods.

I will give u for 6k

I will trade my kingo and willy and lost hog for your two harolds

Actually given current prices:
a 0xp toro is 5900 and a full toro is 5890
a 0xp marco is 5960 and full is 5650

not a real loss on either end

Yea right thats to much smiley

Nobody did.. had to sell smokey on the market..smiley please close..

Anyone trying to get rid of her?

Just bought one off the market

Also have level 2 kristin

Need to buy :
Selma 5000 clintz

please negotiation
and PM me

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