sunday 07/01/2018

I can, however, throw in a lil bit more if you're willing to sell cards on the market to make 10 mill.

And it goes to xantosian. Check ps

I have
General Cr 0xp
Aldebaran Cr 0xp
2 Chad Bread Cr 0xp
Dalhia Cr 0xp
Emeth Cr 0xp
8 Ymirah Cr 0xp
Lizbeth Cr 0xp
Mechakolos Cr 0xp
Mona Cr 0xp
20 Shann Cr 0xp
Shaakarti Cr 0xp
6 Rowdy Cr 0xp
2 Ongh Cr 0xp
4 Toro Cr 0xp
4 #Spyke Cr 0xp
100 Agnes 0xp
100 Toorg 0xp
80 Icaro 0xp
70 June 0xp
70 Henry 0xp
50 Floyd 0xp
40 Blink 0xp
20 #Dregn 0xp
15 Ursula 0xp
10 Ramath
10 XU-Kr4ng

I want
Guru Cr
Lyse Teria Cr
DJ Korr Cr Full
Cannibal Jo Cr
Jim Cr
Sum Sam Cr
Beltran Cr
Miss Twice Cr
Selsya Cr

Would also trade for general CR and 3.5m clintz!

saturday 06/01/2018

And thanks Leorika!smiley

200 Walkie and 10 Pandora found a new foster home.

Any one has any objection

I would like atleast 10m clintz aling with cards guys if thats okay!!!!smiley

I am a sad auction smiley my owner forgot to close me and now I have been spammed. smiley

Nemo found! Thanks!

I want to trade my DJ Korr (full xp) with Kiki Cr

Kiki can be any xp

Hi, these are the cards I have to offer.

Fang Pi Clang
-max Kati
-max Kusuri
-max Natrang
-max Ralph
-0exp Ramar
-max Steven Dan
-max Windy Mor

-max Pyro
-max Varoslav

-max Ayzkub
-max Nunavik
-max Onnah
-max Windzy

-max Irwigo
-max La Salerosa
-max Miss Derbyqueen
-2 max Mister Pollo

-max and 0exp Loan
-max Psylo

-max Eebiza
-max Flux
-max Gil Cr

La Junta
-0 exp and max lvl Archibald

-max Giacomo
-max or 0exp Spiaghi Cr

-max Hawkins Noel
-max Kousto
-max Sheryl
-max Sting
-max Wheeler

-0exp Emma
-max Lucy
-max Muze
-2 max Noemi
-max Veronica

-max lvl Craho
-max lvl Gertjan
-max lvl Jeto
-max lvl Miken Moose
-max lvl Miss Nova
-max lvl or 0exp Yookie
-max lvl Nastanovix

-max lvl Globumm
-max lvl Hemera
-max lvl Lakit
-max lvl Sol Hona
-max lvl WoodXst

Ulu Watu
-max lvl Nanook
-max lvl Orlando
-max lvl Tiago

-max lvl Lydia
-3 0exp Mo DiFalco
-0exp Rhody
-max lvl Saltsberg

-max lvl Cyb Lhia
-max lvl Kronnen
-6 0exp Marty, 2 lv 2 Marty, 2 max lvl Marty
-max lvl Onyx
-max lvl and 0exp Sunder

Cards I'm looking for
-Uncommon Rescues besides Meredith and Spidee
-Rare Rescues
-Uncommon La Junta besides Dacote
-Rare La Junta, besides Trish
-Rare Bangerz besides Randal and Shogunn
-Pandora (Nightmare)
-ZRobbie (Sentinel)
-Antoinette (Freaks)
-Sasl Lovelace (Junkz)
-Barden (Pihranas)
-Sera M1 (Pussycats)
-Vixen (Pussycats)
-Dustyn (Sakrohm)
-Striker Cr (All Stars)


XP is irrelevant btw!

Because at the time, they didn't drop.

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