saturday 20/01/2018


for auction i have:

10 X Fanny mix xp

-Duration is 30m 59 sec from the time of post.

- starting bid 200k

-looking for:-

trade my Cr:
diego cr - 52k ( 0xp );
dr norton cr - 84k ( 0 xp );
lin bee - 52k ( max );
looking for ( every xp ) :
buddy - 54k
dashra - 54k;
geoffrey - 40k;
iron jaw - 45k;
magnolia - 51k.


I'm definitely a noob lol.

I think i can close this

And next auction smiley

I go check my gheits colletctor and next auction

Im using +1 GMT smiley

next aution i start for 10-15 mins smiley
but 1 trade ^__smiley__smiley__smiley__^

friday 19/01/2018

Wo we got a sniper aladin won

Got cha, repeat title in posting. I’ll specify full unless noted going forward as well.

For this trade full would be the default as well. If you’re looking for other levels, inquire.

My bid was 3m 354k :s 3m + 354k from the daggs i think arcuid got this one smiley

17 for Serafina and 18 for Ratanah MT. PM

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