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friday 31/12/2010

I all Urban Rivals, 2011 is the new year so i won´t to buy a new card. I am interested in Marlysa Cr, i offer:

Kerozinn Cr + Jackie Cr+ Tanaereva Cr+ Nahi Cr+ Alec Cr+ Kreen Cr+ Smokey Cr+Vickie Cr. I trade all this cards for Marlysa Cr. Interested?

Still looking to buy one

I would like to exchange my Sigmund Cr 0xp for :

Tanaereva Cr + Nahi Cr + Jim Cr + 70k (preferably 0xp if possible)

pm me or post here if you are interested.

Thanks Mods for Posting as Always smiley

and a big Happy New Year to everyone in the UR community smiley

Done. Close please.

I'm looking for Mona.

I'm kinda low on clintz right now so I have to use cards primarily.

currently, I have (14000 worth)

I'll add whatever's missing with clintz

Looking for Clintz or maybe Marlysa CR , if its Marlysa i'll give you the difference in clintz smiley

6 Zatman per Jackie Cr

I have a full Ghumbo. Send me a pm and we'll trade.

Hello everyone, as you change my title says my guru 0 xp for guru cr full+ emeth 0 xp
thx moderateurs and excuse me for my englishsmiley

124 Chiara left !

So we say 120 chiara i offer you the 4 + 30k !

So 120 Chiara + 4 Chiara + 30k = 270k benefice !

So guys where are your Noodile cr ? smiley

Tessa Cr
Lamar Cr
Vickie Cr
Jackie Cr

PM me if interested :] if interested just put in my PS but, I'd rather get messaged 1st.
Thanks Mod's and UR Community ;-]

I would like to trade my Kolos full xp for ur Graksmxxt and Uranus (both full)

Kolos = 42k
Graksmxxt = 30k flat
Uranus = 10k flat

It's an advantage to those who would like to trade with me

thanks mods smiley

Up near the search button theres a en button click on that and it says all different launages, french spanish ect click on that and come in here and you will see the different fourms

thursday 30/12/2010

Jackie and 29k for tana smiley?

My charlie full xp for your:

The price is a little low. Just because the 2 and 3 star versions are ~400 doesn't mean the 1-star is.

About 5k for Serena and 3.7k for Herman

Btw i will add clintz if needed

Hey guys im looking to buy an Ambre
hopefully u ll sell it to me slightly under market price smiley
but im willing to give card and/or clintz for it smiley

Hello people i search 2 tessa cr for they i offer 6 tanaereva cr 0 exp + little complement in cash if you are interested can contact me in pm

thank modsmiley

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