tuesday 14/09/2010

Up up up up,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,offerzzzzzzzzzzzzzzsmiley

How much will you give for my melvin?

Need all vortex please

My piranahas collection worth 35K for an Alec Cr

Hay brahmaman i can offer 35K worth of piranahas for 1 of your alecs

Why do mods let crap like this through? smiley

Looking for:
Buba level 1 - 350 clintz
Elea - 450 clintz
Odile - 550 clintz
Psylo - 550 clintz
Askai - 900 clintz

Close please and thank you smileysmiley

Hello, I am trading my 6 Terry Cr (full) for your Kolos (any Xp). Thankssmiley

monday 13/09/2010

Trade 0xp tanaereva cr plus a tessa cr plus clintz for dragan cr preferably 0xp
pm me or post here

need one urgently so please let me know

thank you modssmiley

Im looking for lamar Cr for 165k; pm me

I'm willing to trade my full exp Tanaereva and i'll add 1 Leviatonn for 3 Jackie 0exp. Post here or preferably,PM me for faster response. smiley

Hey all, im looking to buy a Sum Sam Cr a little under the market price. 975k.
Pm if you have him, thanks smiley


Hope you like it smiley

My Marlysa Cr full for 5 Vickie Cr or 3 Lamar + 1 Vickie Cr. PM me if interested.

All are gone Except 2 Alec Cr (1 max 1 0xp)
and i need Miss Twice Cr

Dam me and my friend were going to see how much we can raise smiley

Oh and iy ve got Vickie Cr Smokey cr+ Cash

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