thursday 14/10/2010

I want to trade a 0xp Tessa Cr (280k atm) for multiples of Dagg (15k) and Cyb Lhia (5k)

Post here or PM me for a faster response.


I want some heegrn vs my jesie's

Okay sold for 5k
you may close this now please

Do htey have to be 0xp?

We can handel over price

Thanks smiley

C'mon nobody wants to earn 1,1 million clintz?

Will buy Kolos at any exp for 35K.

PM me if interested.


i trade caelus 0xp + 20k for a kolos any exp
thanks smiley


wednesday 13/10/2010

Close please

thanks mods

Yes what grapple says

Last deal I tried to do with you... you didn't have the card... Will it be the same ?

shayna and shann are gone, but I'm still looking for Nahi cr und miss twice cr...

Selling Kerozin Cr full exp for Ombre Cr + Terry Cr

True. thanks. got lothar now for a very reasonable price.

pls close mods.

17k is the maximum offer I can do.. smiley

Please offers

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