saturday 14/08/2010


Lol.. thnx wind! raeth's card is cool but not the mouse xD

Please this sale is going to end in 2 hours]

I look for ghumbo.
I have 5000 Ctz and Z3r0 D34d

I only got emeth jane ramba mono and toro and zatman and kennysmiley

Trade morphun for anyone of these i know it isnt worth it but one of them probly are worth it ,Tanaereva,jackie,a deck of any sort

thanks livs any information please mail me on urban rivlas

Close this thread please

Are you willing for a swap if so i will inform you what i have

Pm me for a fast response

Please Close

Just saying you could do better cards to trade because, this card is not that great but just saying make a good deal!

No one has a Selma they can sell for 5k?....


I was working until now sorry, but I send you Marlysa Cr now. Thanks for trade. smiley

friday 13/08/2010

I give a chikko and a amiral cr too smiley

Buying Massiv at 0 xp for 500 each. I'll take up to 3 max. pm me if interested.

Thread closed.
If you have any complains you know where to go.

Lol. it's like asking for a Dj Korr Cr for a kolossmiley

Please anyone, buying nahi cr for 55,000. Pm me if interested smiley

Thanks Mods. smiley

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