wednesday 28/07/2010

Put a Bloodh in my private sales for 50 please. He is around 6k on the market right now.

Dude blaaster price 15000
the two people you offered 7000
thats not even half srry but good luck tryin to trade

Im mean 3000 clintz srry

tuesday 27/07/2010

Look at the market there is only 114 baldovino and most of them are full i think its a great deal and a good investment smiley

Copper 13k
Lin Xia 7k

PM me if you want the deal

= 5k !! PM ME IF YOU HAVE ..

Got my Yayoi, please close, thanks mods.

Cmon people

Wanting bulk tshern/mathew for 300 a peice or i will trade them in bulk for cards including smokey cr ambre eklore and many more contact me so we can make a deal either for cardsw or i will buy them 300 a piece

Reserve price isnt met yet , come on people smiley

Ok it seems lw foxavenger won the auction

Hey bean837 read Boohma's bio and DL-Jamo can sell at any price he wants to sell at minimum

Nvm, I'll throw in 1k for Ambre..
Or trade for Shakra, Ratanah, and Ghumbo. (I'll throw in 3k)

I want to buy:

cheaper than in the market i can offer some cards an clintz

I will buy them just pm me the price

The sakrhom together are worth like 17k, the nightmares that I'm oftering are worth like 16k, so I'll add a clara from the pussycats clan

Offer closed.

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