friday 13/08/2010

Name your price*

Buying xu52 for 4k-4.5k

Close ty

Yeah, since Kate takes much care of the newbies, she want get paid from everyone. Also this is to prevent an inflation.

For your kerozinn cr:
100k + some cards
or just 115k

I Buy Kerozinn Cr for 90k plus 2 Draheera

Send me a PM

I have alec cr and will trade for smokey cr and kenny

Hello people smiley exchange my ambrose cr 0 exp for tessa cr or cards of analogous value, are very offered chip axes of miscellaneous type + interesting will be estimated and commented, to abstain time loss!

thank modsmiley

I m buying a methane 2k pm me

Well intzar4 cancel it or let it run as planned

dont sit on the fence. and it is generally send as poor style to have an auction and cancel it (makes it seem that the person auctioning is cancelling simply cause they did not get enough for it)

Yup 4 and below 1000 clintz smiley

By the way, Private messages are not allowed. Sorry I forgot to set the PM on

No bad comments o,o*

Id like to help but you gotta give me some time to get the shayna

Done, plz close thanks.

Close please:')

thursday 12/08/2010

I wanna buy vermyn N for 9.5k

1 nahi is at 0xp and both jims are full

The auction is over. Please close this . Thank you

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