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friday 18/02/2011

Im really not to be honest sorry smiley

Kerozinn and Jackie for vickie + 3 arno and 10k?

Well my friend ur offer is to low . cheak the price on market he is at 159k now


Ill update the offer tanaereva cr kerozinn cr smokey cr and 40 k for tessa cr

thursday 17/02/2011

UPDATE: Tessa, kero, vicki and jim all traded away smiley... thanks, mods, close when able!

Hi, i buy these cards, only 0xp

I pay
Herman 2900/each
Belgosi 2900/each
Wanda 1400/each
Chiara 9000/each

if you want to sell, put them in my private sales or pm me if you want to make an other offer
thx mod

I am looking for the following Cr's in any xp level smiley :

Sum Sam Cr
Lao Cr
Berserkgirl Cr
Shawoman Cr
Aldebaran Cr

I can only offer trades for them.....here is what I have to trade with smiley:

Manon Cr
Scarlett Cr
Splata Cr
Vickie Cr
Melissa Cr
Tanaereva Cr
Miss Twice Cr
Nahi Cr
Jackie Cr
Cassio Cr
and some other smaller cr's and non-cr cards. smiley

Feel free to pm me or post here if you have some of these cards and are interested in any of the ones I have available. smiley

Thanks Mods for Posting As Always smiley

Which gheist and other cards for alec?

I am looking to trade my Dahlia for your Ahkab + (cards or clintz to makeup the difference)
I am looking for ahkab only if your offer doesnt include him then no thanks at this time.
I value dahlia at 21.5 k and ahkab at 16k.
If they prices change I will also be willing to change.

thanks mods

Sum Sam Cr traded. Close, Thanks mods!

Ill buy for 10K. pt in private sales and them PM me. ill accept soon after. smiley

Still looking to trade. And also, please tell me who mods know they dont have them, im intriged!!

I have to trade/sell 37 Jessie, 35 full xp and 2 0xp, for 85000 clintz or for other cards.

Please close subject!

thanks mods as always!!

Is your Jackie 0xp or full?

wednesday 16/02/2011

The current prices are:
Armanda cr 670k
Rass cr 645k
Dragan cr 535k

message me for dicounts!!!

I offer Dagg 0xp + C Beast 0xp + 3 Deea 0xp VS Dregn 0 xp

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