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saturday 04/06/2011

Why r u posting this on the board? instead of just selling...

All sold, please close.
thanks mode smiley

Looking for kolos or graxx

Please close mods

Aigwon Noel gone

Want to buy your jackie cr send me a mail with how much you want.

All sold!!! Can lock please!!

I'd like to trade alec cr for tanman, ill throw in the appropriate clintz and or cards message me for negotiations

friday 03/06/2011

But timber is 154 on the market smiley

I have a maxed caelus cr and am looking for 0xp.
will pay compliment reflecting difference in market price, no speculation or other factors that could be concocted such as sentimental value. smiley
current difference is 1k just for reference smiley
pm or post
thanks mods

Open for negotiation smiley looking to get marty got 9k plus cards and can trade

My offer is:
Full Jackie Cr x3 and full Kreen Cr x1.

Close please
traded all

Im looking to get an Oshitsune and i wanna trade a card/s for him
your offer must equal for 4500 to 5000 which is actually above the price that you would get for him in the market
thanks mods smiley

I have a full tessa pm me what you want

Zatman 4 both xD

I am looking to trade for cheaper Crs or cards like Kolos, Dregn, Charlie....
Estimated price: 650 -700 k

I will consider any offer!


Looking for some fast cash? Sell me your Caelus Cr 0xp for 80k. I am looking for a few copies of him so if you have more than one PM me or drop in my PS and I will buy what I can....

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