saturday 24/02/2018

Market price : 207500x2 = 415k

Looking preferably 0xp lookingfor one a little under market price 80-85k can offer cards or clintz

Sorry man but im only looking for them ghost town

I can negotiate on price aswell

That's why I'm asking. Ty for the up lami smiley

Here's a list of characters I'm looking to buy and their price.

Clover for 50k
Leela for 9k
Choko for 5k
Lena for 5k
Mina for 5k

I know they're a little bit under market price, but if anyone can help me out, that'd be greatly appreciated.

Vintegro wins sending now

Vintegro wins sending now

Actually nevermind melvin is now 46k i change wait im gonna think of anew offer sorry

Want to trade my 2* Hydraereva with100xp to your Zaria 0xp + 10k clintz. PM if interested.

More plz

They are good loots and some are rasing in price so i preffer:
Clintz / Cards 500k+
send me your offers to my private and good luck!

188x Oxo
110x Jautya
97x Amiral Coco
50x Arturo
50x Arno
50x Lucy
45x Jessie
40x Angelo
40x Nabrissa
26x Nexus
26x Mildred
20x Drakorah Cr
15x Dragomir
9x Baka

10 more mins, then I take them off the market.

No. SInce one of my NEmo Mt is full Xp

I bought it. If king have problem,then he can take it from me.

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