sunday 10/10/2010

Man kolos' price just keeps rising and rising =) how much higher can it go ?

Looking to trade my marlysa cr 0xp for smaller crs like vickie cr,splata cr,etc.
She is currently valued at 680k on the market.
PM me if you are interested.

Selling one lvl 5 ambre for 24k first message on here will get it this price is nonnegotionable and thank u

Pm me offer pls.. No absurd deals pls. Ty

Looking for Serena for 12,000

Buy your Nistarok for 2500~
put it in my private sale

Looking for Kerozinn Cr i ll addd more cards lets pm me. thanks

Please close mods this was a long time ago

Need 1 lao cr @ 500 000 clintz, negotiable.

I sell it less than his price smiley

Looking to buy a hawkins for 7007 clintz

I will upgrade her for the clintz

Ok... no one wants Oyoh, fine! I'll keep him

It's done. I have Jautya now.

I upgrade her for you for a Dorian smiley

Willing to pay 10k clintz for them. Hopefully it can still be cheaper. Let me know thanks =D

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