saturday 11/09/2010

Hahaha I hope so... I mean some of those people who toss around thousands of clintz like it's nothing... could probably spare a bit.

Wait another release before you pick them upsmiley

For Manon Cr I would be willing to add a bit more to my original offering smiley

Artemis-EVO said it all ...
Sale need a price at which player can buy it...
Read the rules smiley

Nvm i will keep them too myself, close this thread please

Why dont you wait for a couple of weeks and buy him for 25-30k?

This are the cards im looking for leviaton toro zerodead trish wardog bryan gatline jane ramba or kuei chan hatori and fei

these are my cards

Mods please close this...

A price around 138.000
PM with your offer smiley

Can be closed , thanks mods

Close plz

I can offer around 28 sigmas for a tanaereva

And by Hugs, I mean Clintz or cards totaling about 18k. I will accept:
Jackie (and I'll toss in 10k clintz)
Kolos (and I'll toss in 15k clintz)

No other offers will be considered (besides 18k in clintz). PM's are acceptable. Thanks.

friday 10/09/2010

The best thing to do is to contact the CSS through
They will be able to help you there.


Thanks for all the compliments guys, but Tan man is gone. Close pleasesmiley

Just liek the title said
My 0exp for your full rowdy + a complement

I give you a tanaerava with some xp in 3*

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