thursday 05/08/2010

No bidding in Zhudac's absence? smiley

Rass cr or armanda cr for marlysa without clintz!!!!

1100 each

50 for 1200 each

Close please

ALl SOld ! sos close plz

Trade Katan fo Corvus. Send offer.

Looking for 1 dagg,
or best offer, PM me with offer.

I want to buy the said cards. Preferably at a lower price than their market value (2.1k)

Gertjan 80 clintz
Rico 400 clintz
Yookie 400 clintz


Jackie 18k?

370000 o offer trade

wednesday 04/08/2010

Mods please close

Also for sale I have mawpin 25xp till lvl up. and erzsebet's pfull 230 till lvl up.

I am buying Vholt for 15000
If you are interested just sent me private

After the change of ELO rules, I need Hikiyousan in deck.

If you have Hikiyousan and are willing to sell it in a low price, plz sell it to me. I would appreciate your kindness.

Thank you!

PM ME FOR FASTER RESULTS smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

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