monday 30/08/2010

I am willing to buy El Gringo + Oyoh + Essie for 4,75 k - 5 k
Like i am always said i am a negotiable person , so that do not hesitate to PM me and if somehow their prices goes up dont hesitate to make an offer at prize at that time too

Thanks mods and everyone smiley

Up i offer up to 81K for miss twice cr

Selling Vickie Cr lvl 4 with no more then 150 xp for 124.5k thats 4.5k cheaper then current Pm me for sale

smiley U aGaIn LoL lEtS dO tHe TrAdE smiley

smiley LeTs Do ThE tRaDe smiley

Done smiley , Please lock the thread mods smiley

All plus 7500 clintz for sylth now.

sunday 29/08/2010

Forget it, I'll just market sell. Please close this.

I got some

What about lamar for 150 000

Please close, mods smiley

Selling my lamar for 150k wow cheap rite xD

Oh well thank you Artemis-EVO, but my 0xp copy has been sold.

Blaaster +1k for ur dagg (may negotiate a bit over this, but ain't got much more clintz)

Please close threads mods...everything is sold

Close thread please mods smiley

Close this please mods

190k smiley

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