tuesday 31/08/2010

I want to buy Flesh Pimp for or lower 500 clintz

PM me if you are selling.

Is there any way i could buy an Alexei for 500 i need a 0 exp on hes below 575 in market as we speak if so send him in private sale to me when you get online

Anyone ?

Sorry, the price was 650 last time i checked. I'll sell Hugo for 300

Tessa cr? interested? let me know

Vickie actually got as low as 80k, easy.
I figure Tannie will be somewhere around 80k, too... for a little while.

Cliff and Marco 0xp I would like the trade to be just for them maxed in return ill give you my 0xp copies.

Whup, it's sold. Thanks Mods.

I want it but i only have 500 clintz wat if i throw in a corrina???

monday 30/08/2010

Lol good trade but you have to wait until kreen can be sold.

My kerozinn full for your vickie 0xp + 2k

Please close the market has changed drastically so I would like to close this offer

With new pricelist : marlysa 0 exp : 30 jackie 0 exp.
pm if interested, thxsmiley

Hi all I'm looking for affordable Emeth and other La Junta staples

Looking for Selma willing to pay 4k clintz and one of the following cards Pesth Sting or Taljion.


I am willing to buy El Gringo + Oyoh + Essie for 4,75 k - 5 k
Like i am always said i am a negotiable person , so that do not hesitate to PM me and if somehow their prices goes up dont hesitate to make an offer at prize at that time too

Thanks mods and everyone smiley

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