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friday 04/03/2011

"guild:1275694" a new guild is currently recruiting!
• All levels are welcome
• Must get 100 BP (Battle Points) a day, unless you give me a reason beforehand why you can't
That is all for now.

Join the pit today! looking for members! We specialize in the "art of the KO"

We are proud to inform you that Mantri_Gal is open and recruiting. We are a new guild so we are accepting players of any lvl.

We try to help each other develop as a player, and together help the guild evolve.

We have chosen Wile E Coyote to be in our guild's pic and there are reasons for that:
Wile is determined, persistent, strong-willed, inventive and innovative. He never gives up when things go wrong. He just comes up with a different plan to get what he wants. Likewise, we never give up a battle,we always try new strategies and look for ways to improve our game
Moreover, Wile is the funniest and most entertaining cartoon of all time and we are playing UR to have fun

Join Mantri_Gal now to receive your acme product

You can join guild:1273082 just level up fast enough

O ................... I did'nt think this was to get published.... smiley I feel sadden. Anyway I was thinking can someone with high activity on the game take over? Pm me if ya want... Im gonna leave UR for a while smiley . I'll come back to take over. smiley

thursday 03/03/2011

Here are the rules for an “user-friendly” Introductions and Recruitment forum :
Please, read and follow them and all your subjects will be validated.
We will REFUSE subjects without tags

Tags :

[RECR] = Recruitment
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[RECR] + Title
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wednesday 02/03/2011

*bump again*
There is knowledge to be had at HDA. Don't let the level requirement fool you. We are a tightly knit bunch and active in all aspects of the game. People at Heaven's Drift Academy vary as much as folks you might meet on the street during the day. You may know someone already! Come experience the wealth of HDA living in Urban Rivals!

O yeah J... Im Civic smiley Kinda Retired from the game... alot changed... anyway

-Eat and drink beverages and throw a guild party!

-We love to play games on the guild message board like Word Association!

-We discuss our presets with each other to give advice to each other

-Love to have fun and goof

-Like Unicorns..jk thats just me.

-With more people we get stronger as a guild and the fun increases!

-Ending this list because im hungry...about to get up and eat Lasagna

If your interested Join Now by clicking this link guild:1264817

- Or just click the Purple Icon next to my name..and apply for VICIOUS CIRCLE!

"Like a Circle of knives, We keep the sharpest flow A-round"
And yes indeed you will most l

Knock Out is a candidate in this battle! ;D

Your guild already has a recruitment thread, please use it smiley

Sorry to hear about your predicament Vincent. That really blows. Normally people in Heaven's Drift Academy move on to Heaven's Drift, the senior guild when they reach level 35. However, if you are an active member of your community, helpful and informative with a good sense of fun, I would certainly welcome you. Please be certain that you come to be a part of us and not just as a stepping stone to another guild if you do choose to join. Have a look at the guild information - it may help you decide. If there are any questions feel free to PM me or other Admin; even the founder el-rijo . Good luck in your search and, once again, sorry things turned out that way.

tuesday 01/03/2011

Villain Destruction will make you stay,
so come on and join today!
You can help us slay
The ones who don't like to play.
Cause you really seem okay,
Villain Destruction , Villain Destruction hooray!

Join my fun guild High Definition

If you haven't joined a guild that makes things fun yet, consider Heaven's Drift Academy . We accept players starting at level 15 . We are active in the Guild Message Board, in-game and with each other. We are organizing Events, Competitions and Contests regularly. If what you want is fun and interaction with guild-mates, have a look at Heaven's Drift Academy !

monday 28/02/2011

Join California Style! smiley

Hehhe i get it man, but so few requests? cmon ppl you wanna go up or what?smiley

Whoaaaa......Sounds like a new horror film smiley Joiking

Good Luck man!

sunday 27/02/2011

Insiring name smiley
Good Luck with your guild. smiley

Hello everyone,I am Beth. I'm from Illinois,and I like card games. Would you like to have a friendly match with me?

saturday 26/02/2011

The guild of Night fights is a guild for those who having fulfilled all the day (having disaccustomed), having put to bed the child, having kissed for the night the wife, goes to fight in boundless world Urban Rivals. Enter Guild of Night fights: "Together we - power!"
25+lv smiley
Would like, that we had a new manager.
Our reference: Guild of night fights
We wait for you! smiley

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