monday 09/08/2010

I'll give u 110 for it

Thats a splendid offer , good luck smiley

sunday 08/08/2010

Oh sorry, both are gone already. But I will PM you when i get one more. smiley

@Mod: Please Close. smiley Thank you!

No but would you sell me manfred because just him and jay are who i need

I'm looking to buy and trade for these 2 just leave a comment on pm me thanks

150 + are lvl 3 , others are lvl 2 and 1 .

im asking 850 a piece i do not split the lot. so 277 000 clintz.

PM me please if interested...if no taker i l survive so not negociable.
Have a great day everyone!

Use this forum after you have created your guild. For now, this one might be better smiley

Buying Elya Cr 150k. PM me!

5k for juicy Lord

I would pay 170k if you want. smiley

Sold please close

thanks mods


Please close this thread mods , a friend of mine took the buy in price.
Thank You for everyone who auctioned.

Please closed admin / mods.. already buy one thanks.. smiley

Waiting for stereo's reply
it's a little bit a rip off of 1k but he has the best offer so far.

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