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monday 07/02/2011

If your a huge transformer fan/nut like myself and MUST have everything Transformer related....here's your chance to join the top most up and coming guild and most official & organized looking(My personal opinon)! Send a guild invite my way, and I will see if you are Decepticon worthy.. Make sure you read the guild requirements before joining..
Guild is new and currently lacking some higher level players, so help build us up and beyond any other Decepticon guild!
I play every style... tournament to ELO

sunday 06/02/2011

Join it's a fresh guild and a lot promising so join!smiley

saturday 05/02/2011

Still looking for members...

We are looking for old and new players alike!

Tired of people trying to join their guild just to be a stepping stone up the food chain? Just want to play the game, make friends, and not have to do anything else that you don't want to do? Then guild:1212413 is the guild for you!

We have admin slots open for those looking for a position of power or just player slots for those who just want to play the game. Join now! Join fast! Soon our doors will be closed!

Be a part of the guild:1212413!

Don't tell them they'll have a chance to meet you donga, we want to get people not push them away smiley
In all seriousness though, if your aussie and level 18 or over, join up you'd be crazy not too. We're like a giant family and we're all really active.

Come on anyone please,
i have only one day to make it active.
I need only 3 members. everyone can be admin and if you are Level +40 up, you will be the founder smiley I promise !
Free clintz, deck help, fun , trainig etc will be givel . also lottery and cometitions. !
Are you interesetd now ?

Go to - http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=1243069
Sexy Pussycat acedamy

friday 04/02/2011


thursday 03/02/2011

I think that it's a good guild people come on help the guy out

wednesday 02/02/2011


Crusaders of Death is a casual guild aimed at increasing the level of its members and helping each other create strong tournament and ELO decks. If your interested in helping the guild grow and want to be part of the idea generation and events organising to get the guild up and growing, messages or requests to shitta20.



Sofnok, the happy and peaceful town near Stockholm, radiates... Music smiley

So, welcome to all english and french people in this guild, we would be proud to get the best ELO players IN THE WORLD.
-A 1300 ELO record
-lvl 35 min.
-Be active on the forums

Come... Plz? smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley

tuesday 01/02/2011

Great name smiley love eevee.


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monday 31/01/2011

My Guild Is Recruiting And Anyone Can Join

Keep joining Bliss. I would enjoy having more people involved in our Post-a-thon.

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