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wednesday 23/02/2011

The American Empire could relly use someone like u please consider joining us

We are open to all members lvl 20+ we are more active now then in the past we will accept lower lvls but only if u r really active if u have any questions simply pm me

You can close this mods he found a guild


tuesday 22/02/2011

Join the Unbeatable Legion of Justice!

We make it a personal experience!

pm our admins for help cards!
and everything!

why to join.
if your

a hero need help! just click below!

level 15 up


hero (super power optional)


Pm XThe BatmanX for more details!

i will keep on training til ima high enough level!



Wrong section... well there isn't really a section but if you just spent a lot of money on the game and have no skill then no but if you do have skill then yes...

However you 15% expired battles isn't something to be very happy about o.O

We have room for a few more friendly players. There are deck listings, everything you need. We're a team. I ask you one question, the very thing I said when I was asked to join! Why not?

So feel free put in your join request or message me or Moore4 and we will help find your way to it.

Ill happily join if somebody can tall me how

monday 21/02/2011

Look at your Search bar in the upper right, Amerish. Right next to the Search field, there is a field with an Up/Down icon next to it that probably says "Whole Website" or "Message Board" right now. Click that Up/Down feature and it will open a list that has an option for "The Guilds". Click The Guilds and input your search info into the Search field. Got it? If not Message me, I'll try to help you farther.

Heaven's Drift Academy is recruiting!
Not a single player should be let down or made to feel unwelcome because of Heaven's Drift's level 35 entrance minimum. In order to prevent that, we present Heaven's Drift Academy !

We are looking for players who are:
1 ) between the levels of 15 and 35
2 ) respectful and courteous
3 ) aware that this is a primarily English speaking guild
4 ) active in-game as well as the Guild Message Board

If this sounds like you, and you would like to join our team, participate in regular Guild Contests and Events and otherwise have fun with kindred spirits, submit your application! As soon as you hit that magic level 35, you'll be automatically given a place into the senior guild with open arms!


[RECR] + Title
Describe your guild, what are the benefits (or lack thereof) of joining your Guild? What do you do? Etc.
Include a guild link.


[RECR] + Title
Describe your guild, what are the benefits (or lack thereof) of joining your Guild? What do you do? Etc.
Include a guild link.

sunday 20/02/2011

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Also, here's a tip: Use [LFG] at the beginning of your subject's name.

Alright ill join

saturday 19/02/2011

Me me me me,Trinity Force could use a experienced player like usmileysmiley

Currently i am visiting High Definition. if it is ok for me to visit your guild pls let me know by posting here or messaging me pls smiley

We are a new guild and recruiting. Currently accepting all apps. Join us now before it gets changed...

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