wednesday 04/08/2010

Still nobody smiley

Close everything sold ty

tuesday 03/08/2010

Pm me for faster buisness also if you sont have that much money 10k +2 cards worth 700

I am willing to accept both clintz offers (I will go slightly under market for clintz) or card offers (as close to market as possible for cards). Please?

Im willing 2 buy. and jus sent u a pmsmiley

Found it. smiley

Hello everybody, I am trading my 0xp Kiki Cr for Kiki Cr full xp + complement


You can close this topic. Deal has been done.

And also with them 2 sargh 1 pfull mawpin 3 pfull erzsebet pm me smiley

Wholy crap the only cr i have is admiral py

Iv got psylo if you want to trade for your essie

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Give u glorg for 6.2 and ghumbo for 11.2

Looking for a lot of 25 spiaggi to exchange for my jackie.
I am willing to negotiate.

Now i sold wee lee but i still have charlie and ill trade him for cooper

You can close it yourself (look on the top right)

I'll give you some Thormundssmiley

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