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sunday 13/02/2011

Lvl 21 (currently)
Specialty: Deathmatch (not that im amazing at it, its what i play)
Largest UR achievement yet: Ranked 23rd USA Weekly Rankings!!!

Looking for a Guild Based off building decks over winning with a somewhat competitive edge

Hi are you looking for a new,fun and rising guild ? Then your at the right place ! We are a new guild that helps eachother out by talking gameplay and deck building we have no requirements other then STAYING ACTIVE and having fun we play different types of card styles but we are strong at FANG PI . but we like to welcome any card type because diversity means knowledge in the sense of how to play against other card types . ( strategy) SO WELCOME TO (TRM) THE REPO MEN click link below to join


I was surfing around and noticed that you were not a member in a guild, now it just so happends that I'm in a guild that I think you would fit in perfectly!

It's "The 3D" and it is a guild based on the 3 D's. Defeated- what happens to our opponents.
Depressed- how our opponents feel after the match.
Destroyed- our opponents cards throughout the match.

We are a fun and active guild and are for the moment the 39 in the top recruting guilds in U.S!

You find the link on my site under "You are a member of Guild: " and after that is the link...

Well good luck to you.

saturday 12/02/2011

We are a band of rouge clown's. unhappy with being forced to make others laugh their pants off we have chosen to bestowe the title of "Clown" with a more darker mind set. After you meet us....you wont ever look at "Clown's" the same again....>smiley

as required, all member's must inclued "Clown" in their name either before joinning ot right after, anyone caught removing or not adding "Clown" to their name after joinning they will be warned, and if they fail to do so after that then they will be removed.

If you wish to join you don't need to make a whole new name up just something like, lets say your name is "Hyperdog52" then you would just do "Hyperdogclown52' or something like that.

we are accepting member's of all level's (5+) and we aren't picky. feel free to drop by and send a join request and i'll get back to you as soon as i review your request.

to join go to ----> http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?idguild=1251010

Looking for players to join our guild. We may not be the strongest guild in UR, but we'll surely control its purse strings.


We just opened our doors on the 9th and in two days we have 9 members. Of course, we're still looking for more members so if you're looking for a guild where your voice matters join us.

friday 11/02/2011

[LFG] + Title
Introduce yourself
Explain which kind of guild your looking for.
We will REFUSE all subjects without tags.


[RECR] + Title
Describe your guild, what are the benefits (or lack thereof) of joining your Guild? What do you do? Etc.
Include a guild link.

thursday 10/02/2011

Heaven's Drift

You sound like you could liven up the boards; as far as your requirements, we don't have beggars; there's no BP requirement (we do use the 100 day inactive tool, but 1 match every 3 months isn't asking much); currently we do not have a mod in guild; we are not "hyped up" on one subject and all of our members post very legibly; I don't know who's on you BL, so.......

Basically guys, I have made a new guild but some people who are going to join are inactive for a few days because they are grounded, so I want has much people to join ( just for a few days until it is established) and then you can leave but if you take a liking, you are welcome to stay .

If join you can see that already we hve a active message board and fun minigames and a full background about the guild.

Link: guild:1246252 or of course: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=1246252

We are recruiting.everyone can join no matter the level

Wanna just join Knock Out?

wednesday 09/02/2011

Check out 'Warrior Nation'. We're a very new guild but our admin is very active and helpful.

I tend to deal more with trading while adcbrn tends to deal more with strategy.

Also, if you play any other games Warrior Nation probably has a guild set up for that game as well so anyone you meet will be accessible throughout our 100+ supported games.

No problem and good luck! smiley


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tuesday 08/02/2011

Hey , this is my new guild
An active strong guild
but we need more members , wanna join ?
Recruitment , level 15 + , active , can speak indonesia ( if you can't go to google translate)
thanks mod

No we would love you at villain destruction

We would love to have you join California Style!


He said speak not spell smiley

Hi all

koinzell guild wars

New guilde, open to everybody ... just to rule the world....
When the first reports of the Chaos Plague begin to appear in the fringe settlements of the Empire, they are dismissed as fanciful tales conjured to frighten away unwanted visitors. When the plague appears in the streets of Altdorf, however, the situation changes completely. By the time the Emperor issues his first quarantine order, the vile disease has already spread across most of his lands. The Empire's doctors work day and night to combat the sickness, but the plague defies all efforts at a cure.
Victims of the Chaos Plague first experience tiredness, aching, soreness and extreme thirst. Bouts of nausea follow, but it takes nearly a month to reach the final stages of the disease. It is only then that the horrific nature of the plague is made clear; those unfortunate souls who have experienced plague symptoms for three to four weeks begin to change, transforming into fiendish Chaos mutants that savagely attack any living creature that they see.
Those lucky enough to avoid contracting the plague are often killed by the savage monsters spawned from it. With each passing month, the death toll mounts. Emboldened gangs of brigands roam the countryside, looting, burning and killing at will. The scope of the tragedy is almost unparalleled in the history of the Empire, but the Chaos Plague is merely a precursor to a much greater evil yet to come.

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