sunday 11/02/2018

You can buy 10 Newell for 2m on the market and use cards?

I wanna trade my Kolos Cr + Úrsula for one Rage

I have 3 Jackie cr Full xp for each i am looking for 850k clintz PM

I have these cards:
1 Butcher Braxton 0xp 630k/t
1 #Quetzal semi evo 2* 429 xp 700k
1 Serafina 0xp 600k

looking for:

Lea 0xp 30k/each
Elvira 0xp 24k/each
Redra 0xp 7k5/each
Nyema 0xp 33k/each
El Matador 0xp 18k/each
Octana 0xp 11k/each
Cyb Lhia 0xp 22k/each

make your offer !

Congratulations Shuti_HOA wins this Auction. The Globumm will be sent to your PS for 2K Clintz.

0xp Lamar Cr+ 500k for your 0xp Nemo Mt

Trade available 2 times.

Yeah, probably over before it could be suggested.
I Am A FNG will receive 0XP Naginata in their PS

I missed post 31 after making that announcement: "I increase my bid too 72450"

cards will be sent to RAMZYXUK right now at 14490 Clintz each. The total is 72450 for the 5 cards.

I want trade Elya cr 3 466 666 for playable crs
cost up or down negotiable

Also guys lookin for
2 Regina +40k for a Judge Lynch

I'm selling/trading my Tessa Cr and looking for :
Caelus Cr (730k)
Ymirah Cr(1.3M)
Kalindra Cr (900k)
Tanaereva Cr (1.3M)
Vickie Cr (3M)
Robb Cr (500k)
Butcher Braxton (600k)

Im open to more offers
Send me PM
Dont accept lots of cards.

saturday 10/02/2018

Offering a trade of my Rex swig (various xp) plus cash 25k(negotiable depending on xp) vs your shinobi 0xp preferred.
Make offer... 0xp Shinobi offer gets priority

Yep you are right.Sorry smiley

Hi, I'm looking to trade my Kolos Cr 0xp for GraksmxxT Cr (any xp)+3 Kurt (any xp).



Searching for:
4x Alex MT

I offer 5.000.000 Clintz each

I value both around 350k
Mechakolos Cr

Thanks for looking and considering

Straight trade my #pericles 0xp vs your Shinobi 0xp
I can do this trade x2
First come first serve

friday 09/02/2018

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