thursday 04/01/2018

Really thank you my mate, thread closed

3x mechakolos 2x full xp 1x 0 xp for tanaevera cr?

New offer: 4 nemos 0 xp + 3M, Its about 20M

It's on the market place, gogo!

I HAVE PUT MY 0XP AT THE PUBLIC SALE FOR 1.1M smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley


5 Kuei 0xp between 55k and 60k and the rest 80k smiley

Ctchulhu 1,5m
on_god 1,24m
killic 1,66m
liveandmakedie 1,26m

killic the winner

sending the card

tks guys.. smiley

Thank you, please close

Cards sent and received! Thank you both smiley Auction Closed!

wednesday 03/01/2018

Cheers found one, I can now close this thread. smiley

Scarlett Mt im looking to pay cash around 10 -9m so just let me here any offers smiley

Thanks a lot #GWN Matrix

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