sunday 11/07/2010

Make it 3 mawpins and its a deal

This can closed, thnx

Kate is selling cards?Where will this money go?

End of July 10 TCGA 0 is winning with 26510 on smokey
12obby winning with 3.6 on PY
and GED_Naruto is winning with terry

I have Miss twice i will trade

I'm pretty sure he meant Ongh, lol. But you could be right too smiley. They're both around 19k Market price, with fluctuations ^-^, Happy business all.

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Bad topic -_-'
I'm sorry smiley

I have contact you for another offer smiley

Space he wants to buy these cards at these prices.

Needed Striker. don't have the money

I'll have Meroo for your 420

I'll do it for 30.250.

I buy Jessie for 2000

saturday 10/07/2010

I am looking for a new elo deck of Ghiest/Vortex any cards onky looking to buy 1 or 2 cards and only have 350 clints to spend but I have a few maxed out cards I will trade for Ghiest the cards I am trading are.


I would like to purchase Cyb Lhia I have 16K

This auction ended on 6 July. Please see to it that the highest bidder gets his cards smiley

I am willing to sell a 1 star kolos for only 27,000. Post if you're interested.

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