saturday 10/07/2010

Still below market price smiley

If you feel like negotiating then post your best offer smiley

No longer need trey.
prices are negotiable, just send me a private message thanks

Tessa cr has been traded please close this.


Close plz i messed u ppm me if u want to trade

Buying all jungos except for nyema, sylth, and ongh. pm me if anyone is intersted in selling.


Up thnks

friday 09/07/2010

I'll offer 22k for 60 Prince Jrs. since no one is offering,lmk!

Ill give you one for free smiley

How bout my 0 exp for ur maxed +400 clintz???? pm me if intersted.

i am also trading a 0 exp kolos for a maxed one.

Just put him in my private sales for 28k, paying in clintz not cards.

Anyone else interested in any of these ?

Selma from piranas she is at 0xp.
Market price is 5391. I will be selling for 5421.TAKE ANY OFFERS! CAN PM WITH THEM AS WELL AS POST THEM.

Close Please


Contact me on pm

Trading 6 tremorhs

Looking for sigmaj and mawpinssmiley

12 for 1600 each...

19k for the lot...

thanks mod smiley

Close please.

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