sunday 14/01/2018

Im looking for Graksmxxt Cr too (250k)

60 of him for my general cr

I think the value is 330 k / t

I accept cash
And nemo cr oxp or full, i put more clintz in trade.

Congrats Starzy wins the auction cards on your way gg.

@Saga 14.13.59 that would be bro.

I have 5 Serafina 0xp.

Selling them 650 000 per head.

mp me

I have
300 Belmundo 0xp 3.5k/t
20 Baka 0xp 9.5k/t
Will consider any offer
Mainly looking for clintz

Yeah bought the last two from wowed, thread closedsmiley

Your offering
Butcher Braxton and Dakota + 41k for Kalindra Cr (any xp)
Alright best of luck to you friend smiley

Damn, im trying to insert image. how to do that?

No worries best of luck dudesmiley

Thanx Impalass. I would have adhered to that advice if a good friend of mine hadn't given it too me for super cheap price.


Hey man there is someone in spanish forums looking for vickie cr while trading their nemo cr for it. Happy Trading!smiley

saturday 13/01/2018

Drop this guy some newell for some fresh doritos from yours trult smiley

Contact me pm

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