tuesday 20/02/2018

Bought thx anyway!

Dj Korps

If anybody have these 3 cards and willing to trade.. kindly let me know thanks smiley

Please specify the XP and your valuation of which you wish to buy Nemo Mt for in Clintz.

This will help other interested Traders. Thank you.

Good luck dude smiley

Hello, i sell 5 Judge lynch fxp a 300k/tsmiley


Price 590k each smiley

Got * xD

My nemo mt= ur 25x judge lynch

Pm me

Kougloff for 700k ill buy it instantly

PM me for a trade
Your Smokey MT for my Ratanah MT + Behemoth 0 exp

-50k market price ............

monday 19/02/2018

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