wednesday 02/06/2010

A couple of them have 475 XP (all are still level 1). 6 at 475 XP. Must be taken together.
Want Charlie (any level) or 12400 Cz. (Flexible)
Other cards I want in order of preference:
Gil, Dorian, Scopica, Taham, Rowdy, Gibson, Peeler, Baldovino

I will also throw in (for equivalent cards or Cz)
0 XP: Nakata, Katan, Wheeler, Rebecca
Full: Alexei, Kang, Robb, Murray, Anita, Ficcanaso, Sargh, Betty, Brittany, Hugo, Vansaar, Timber, Bridget

Note: Terms are flexible, but I will not give individual cards

I'm looking for 38.5k (1.1k each) in clintz/cards.

Please PM here / post here.

Thanks smiley


None of those... i'm not interested in chikko cr either smiley

Sold out for sylth full + arkn + mini mund + sayura...
going to close it...

Hum.. nvm , i spent my money buying kerozin cr

I need a Smokey Cr..

I will buy for a little under market value now...
I also have some trade cards...
If interested then just ask...

@wariowinner No. The trades need to be of the same value, please read my message again.

Jus got it off the market for 6300


Close this tnx !!!!

Ok I can offer 182k for her now.

tuesday 01/06/2010

Man wait for me i will give you it tommorrow ok

Hi, I´m looking to trade my alec cr 0xp for a miss twice cr or another cr.

All for 130670 clintz!smiley

Pls close. thanks.

Sorry forget it sold

Hi! I would like to buy a toro for 6k or trade some cards for more torossmiley

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