tuesday 18/05/2010

Send it to my pm smiley

I'll buy your Sheitane for1150 if you still have it

I am looking for

PM me or post here

Hi, i'm also selling my 47 alexei 0 xp cards for 800 clintz each, can't be sold individually, only as a lot.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, i'm selling my 30 armand 0 xp cards for 1600 clintz each, i will sell it as a whole only.

Thanks in advance.

monday 17/05/2010

I have 2 cards full xp

Pesth - 8.4k
Bloodh- 5.7k

PM me for fastest response

I've got 14x Oshitsune

Pm me

Lyse Teria Cr
170.000 Clintz + 0xp Lamar Cr

Maybe let me think, ok.

First, sorry, my englis is very poor
I sell 200 vansaar 4* with a little exp
every one 450clint
pack 50 to 425everyone
pack 100 to 410 everyone

Hi, i'm selling my 64 lou 0 xp cards for 2100 clintz each, i will sell them as a whole only, price may vary due to market changes.

Thanks in advance.

Title says it all..
pm me for faster transactions.

thanks mods

Add All Montana

Close this please.. TY

This sale is over, please close admin

I found Blaaster
I sold Glorg and Scubb

I'll offer 25k if you really want them off your hand =(

100k as if i could afford that u know what compleaty forget i typed this sorry if i got ur hopes up smiley

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