friday 02/07/2010

So because Oflgn WILL fall doesn't mean Oflgn is worth 19999 clintz now. No thanks, I'm enjoying my super-expensive Oflgn that I bought so I could try it out as soon as possible.

You cannot find these amount of cards for less than those prices.. do some math and they are worth buying for those prices, of course if you are looking for lots of cards.. they are also 0xp.

Not interested np,i can wait to sell them for those pricessmiley, thanks for the update.

Im currently buying or trading for Tessa not selling her.

If anyone is interested please reply or PM me.


I am willing to Mona for 6900. If anyone is interested please reply or PM me.


Forgot to mention: Both crads have 0 xp

Sorry i meant 1090 clintz each muze 0xp

All cards sold; please close this mods, thanks smiley.

Hello i search vickie cr the approximate price is 90k ,but if your price is different we can speak about it

thank modsmiley

Please close this topic. My Cassio Cr sold already.

Hi all smiley

Please throw all your unwanted sigma (0xp only) in my private sales for 1800 clintz. I'll buy the first 100 smiley

Thankee thankee !!

Close this mods i'll make an updated one smileysmiley

I am also willing to trade my Chiro full Xp for Esmeralda

5.5k clintz each.... PS me.

Any levels
i jus want skeelz for fair prices

DONE !!!!!!!!!!
Close Plz

Close mods tnx

tnx also to PriMinizTr for the trade smileysmileysmileysmiley

I am selling for 1800 thanks PM offers.

thursday 01/07/2010


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