monday 28/06/2010

60k for u miss twicr

I'd like to offer you 60k for the lot

Iam hoping to sell him
for about 2k
if your instreded pm and well sourt somt out

Wow i am a fail i meat glosh instead of glorg lol smiley

I can also offer 25,000 in clintz.

Need 2 more paying upto 180 each

Still looking for offers smiley

My 0exp Ambre for Geuner Cr
my 0exp Ambre + 4k for Seldnor Cr
my 0exp Ambre + 8k for Cassio Cr


Ive got 15k to spend on lots of 100 clint 0 xp cards... pm me with your offers!!!!!!!

I will sell u my marina for 8500. will that do? Its 0 exp.

Do you need them both, or just one?

Also, seriously, 4,000 for that Dora-thing?

Wow they're all taken already thanks a lot

Close please. ty.

sunday 27/06/2010

Any one?

Close the subject thanks mod.

Would you like to take that sigmund cr for the full jungo clan with adlerX2 anone other X2 an 23k for him an sunder?

thats what i have to offer

I have 9 Page Cr (full) for trade for other Crs.
Especially I looking for:
Kerozinn Cr - offer 4* Page Cr

I can also add some other cards like:
7 Jackie, 6 Gil, 5 Eklore, Hikiyousan

All offer wellcome via PM

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