friday 16/04/2010

I have my caelus up for trade.
I'm looking for
Dalhia Bloodh and Talijon but I could agree on other offers as well.
I wouldn't mind selling it for 18.25-19k.

I have decided not to sell the 0xp Muzes but I am still selling 300 of the Muzes Full.

I will trade my lulabee for a jessie and oyoh
the price is equal tradesmiley

Oh oh me me me pick me pick me

Striker 7k
clara 900
kerry 5k

thursday 15/04/2010

I buy Dalhia for 9k if someone is willing to sell.. Put her in private sales for me, Thanks! smiley

Dragan cr its ok! but the rest is very bad. i don´t need gwen

Sorry, my mistake, 13 MARCH was a Thursday, I was thinking about April. I doubt that Slumb still has Manon Cr, but you are welcome to contact him directly Master JP smiley

4k each. I'm looking for 2 of them.

I want to buy one for 10K, if anyone want to sell it as this price, plz send it to me with private messagesmiley

Marina(7.2k) to
chiara(5.8k)+greem(1.4k) = 7.2k


rowdy(9.8k) to
chiara(5.8k)+corvus(3.8k)=9.6k / chiara(5.8k)+aylen (4k)= 9.8k

PM to me or post on this

I am willing to buy Nahi Cr (any level) for 60k or I will give you 53k and Oshisune at full. Please PM me if your interested in this deal.

Sold to the market

Can i trade him for no nam, chiro and owen?

Also have an admiral pi cr for trade

Do u still want copper for 11600?

No need for lulabee

no more admiral py cr

Need a cheap Hawkins to complete piranas. Offer 5k + 1-2kish card. If interested pm and thanks

Lol ^ ripoff

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