tuesday 04/05/2010

How about a Sylth

I'll sell copper

monday 03/05/2010

I want 2 timbers 0xp for 220 for them both if u can help me post below or pm ty
thanks mods

I give loma noju

i want gatline

This is end


Ombre Cr 0xp
Splata Cr Full

How much you want for Kerozinn Cr, Cr Lamar and Miss Twice Cr?
I give 200 000 3 by what I said.
Respond quickly

Please make a new thread using the correct format

20.5k now
Put it in my private sells

For ghumbo, blaaster 's usual market price is 13000 so I think its good enough. Pm me for details

Yes! deal closed

Do u have any other bangers

I'll buy it

Check out my auction. i got most of those cards your looking 4smiley

I am trading this card for some piranas smiley pls comment


Come on. Any offers? smiley

Damnit my bad, bodenpowder and fuzz ARE over priced just checked it myself.

well since my prices are a bit off, if anyone is intersted in any of the cards listed just pm me and we will talk prices.smiley
if ur price is fair ill take it.

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